Zendesk is sunsetting Insights and replacing it with Zendesk Explore

Zendesk is sunsetting Insights and replacing it with Zendesk Explore

Zendesk’s reporting and analytics software Insights is being removed from Zendesk Support on February 5th 2021. Insights is being replaced by the new and improved analytics and reporting tool Zendesk Explore.If you’re currently using Insights as a reporting tool, you’ll need to move to Zendesk Explore.

First things first.. There are a few dates you’ll have to be aware of if you’re working with Insights:

Starting June 1, 2020 Zendesk will start deactivating Insights accounts that have been inactive for more than 60 days.

Around November 1, 2020 Zendesk will shut down the option for creating custom reports and will stop adding new users to Insights.‏‏‎

Zendesk is sunsetting Insights on February 5, 2021. It’ll be removed from Zendesk Support and you will no longer have access to the data.

So what is Zendesk Explore?

Your business probably has data, a lot of it, but you need insights. Zendesk Explore is a great place to start – using the existing data to improve customer experience should be top priority in your business.

Zendesk Explore is a reporting tool that’s intended to help you analyze, learn and share your business information. Zendesk Explore provides powerful, pre-built reports where you can view and analyze essential information about your customers and your support efforts. Right out of the box, you’ll be able to use pre-built charts and dashboards.

Customers demand support through different channels, whether it’s email, phone, social media or chat, but which ones are the most popular for your business? And how fast are you to reply on the different channel? It’s always an advantage to possess a customer analytics platform that can keep up.

You can measure how customers interact with your brand without losing the bigger picture and this is doable because Zendesk Explore enables you to integrate data effortlessly from every channel – with this in hand, your team will always have the data to make exceptional decisions.

Did you know that 84% of companies aspire to be customer experience leaders?

However, only 1in 5 delivers a good or great customer experience – despite the fact that customers are willing to pay up to 4.5 times more for an excellent customer experience versus a poor customerexperience.

Improve your Resolution and Wait time with Zendesk Explore

Companies using Zendesk Explore experience 44% Faster Resolution Time and 66% Lower Wait Time.

With customer analytics you’ll have faster Resolution Time and that enables your team to identify and optimize workflows, raising your teams’ efficiency and customer satisfaction. Lower Wait Time will help you solve customer issues faster by understanding why customers reach out for help in the first place and also the best ways to serve them.

House full of experts

Besides being Zendesk Premier Partner helphouse.io is packed with #helpsomeZendesk Experts who can guide you in Zendesk, so you can make sure you’re taking full advantages of your Zendesk solution. We are already partnering with some of the biggest brands to improve their customer service and of course, we are also ready to help you move to Explore should you need it.

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