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Zero-friction customer service is probably the goal of every call centre on the planet. Not everyone succeeds, leaving both customers and agents unhappy. babelforce was founded on a wish to remove the obstacles causing unwanted friction.

Not having access to up-to-date customer information. Various tools and systems not working together. Routine tasks taking time from more important tasks. Minor system tweaks and updates requiring developer involvement. These are everyday situations that frustrate many customer service agents and call centre managers and affect customer satisfaction.

Utilising the automation and integration freedom of babelforce paired with Zendesk, obstacles like these will no longer stand in the way of your success.

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A Lego set for contact centres

babelforce's no-code cloud-based platform integrates perfectly and fully with Zendesk. It gives CX professionals intuitive tools to create omnichannel engagement, conversational AI, workflow automation and much more.

Essentially, the platform provides you with Lego bricks that you can use to build customer experiences and business processes to match your call centre's specific needs and requirements – across all your integrations.

Right out of the box, babelforce has integrators and pre-built connectors covering every component type used in modern call centres and sales organisations: CRM, ticketing, BI, ERP, workforce management, telephony infrastructure and all kinds of messaging capability.

“There are two things I love about working with First, this is a team that really know their stuff. They have done some of the largest and most complex Zendesk deployments we have seen. The second thing I love: they are a lot of fun. These are folks who enjoy working on the big stuff for customers, and that enthusiasm is infectious.

- Pierce Buckley, Partner Alliance Director at babelforce

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Press 1 for increased ease …

babelforce is on a mission to make customer service easy. And so are we at Therefore, ease is at the heart of this partnership – both in terms of the collaboration itself and the advantages our clients will experience.

Our shared purpose and commitment will pave the way for remarkable results from this collaboration based on an implementation and reseller partnership. This allows us to include babelforce in our Zendesk solutions and help our customers implement and get the most out of the babelforce software.

“Press 2 for superior CX …”

At, we elevate customer experiences through tech and knowledge. That tech includes babelforce, and we have already seen impressive examples of the overall impact of the combination of babelforce and Zendesk on the customer experience.

We look forward to implementing the powerful solution in even more call centres. Our implementation expertise ensures a setup that meets and exceeds the clients' requirements, enabling them to provide next-level customer service.

This know-how – along with our enthusiastic approach – made it an obvious choice for babelforce to partner up with us.

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How can this partnership help your call centre?

Together, babelforce and can power your call centre to perform as you have always wanted it to. Our combined experience and shared objectives enable us to implement custom solutions that will make a significant difference from the get-go.

When your needs – or those of your customers – change, or you discover a brilliant opportunity for optimisation, your system is adaptable. Because no coding is required, you are in complete control when it comes to building and automating processes that ensure the best use of your skilled agents and other valuable resources.

Consequently, your employee satisfaction will increase, time- and cost-efficiency will improve, and your customers will reward you with a better NPS and CSAT.

babelforce + Zendesk =


Custom CX processes


Easy automation


Endless integrations

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