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ultimate.ai is the world’s most advanced customer service automation platform.
The story of ultimate.ai begins in 2016 in Finland where the team started building an artificial intelligence technology from scratch. They wanted to shake up the industry by removing the endless repetitive tasks customer service departments manage daily and by improving the working lives of millions of people around the world. Their unique algorithm has shown to be a huge success, and ultimate.ai now employs nearly 100 people from 35+ different countries in their headquarters in Berlin and around 15 people in their office in Helsinki.

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Not like the others

The ultimate.ai team created a unique algorithm that can understand conversations in any language. This allows them to support enterprises in scaling their customer service not only in common languages like English or German but also in more complex languages like Finnish, Swedish, Danish, and so much more!
As they have stated, “We empower our users to create their own virtual agent with ease.” Their no-code dialogue builder is designed to guide users through creation of the virtual agent and continuous maintenance to guarantee highest quality of conversations.
Most importantly, ultimate.ai supports customers in automating conversations and tickets in both Zendesk Chat, Zendesk Support, and Sunshine Conversations.

Customers today have more ways to connect with brands than ever before, which means a higher volume and degree of complexity in tickets for customer service teams. Often, managing these tickets involves manual processes that are time and resource-intensive. Due to the heavy administrative load, scaling up often involves investing into more agents and more training. Both of these investments are costly, and not the most efficient way to scale.
By automating a significant chunk of agents’ administrative workload, from tagging, to updating, and to routing tickets, ultimate.ai reduces the backlog and free up bandwidth through smart automation. This allows agents to focus on serving customers better, resulting in happier customers.

Why this is a perfect match

We have interacted with ultimate.ai through some of our enterprise accounts and as ultimate.ai has stated, “We regularly hear helphouse.io’s reputation being mentioned as an outstanding system integration partner for Zendesk enterprise clients,” Therefore, we believe this partnership is a great symbiosis. We support the same customers, namely steadily growing Zendesk enterprise customers with a high degree of digital service interactions within the same geographical markets we operate in. ultimate.ai enables our customers to deliver outstanding customer experience through their product and automation expertise, this, of course, supported and integrated by our consultants. ultimate.ai has stated how our proven record of Zendesk integrations and strong customer satisfaction is an obvious reason for them to prioritise this specific partnership and to see it becoming a long-term strategic partnership for them.

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Partnerships are becoming strategic pillars

The majority of today’s customers don't know that partnerships like this one exist. With our combined expertise and networks, we know we can drive stronger integrated solutions that will ultimately bring value to existing and potential new customers. With growing customer demands, we at helphouse.io know it is time to scale our brand and our reach. This involves building a dedicated partnerships team to enable co-marketing, co-selling, and making enterprise clients successful together.
Partnerships will more frequently become strategic pillars in modern businesses, not only to widen reach but also to build credibility in the given ecosystem. Like us, ultimate.ai prefers partnerships to be mutually beneficial. This includes both parties being aware of their customers’ needs, making meaningful and relevant introductions between customer and partner.

“With ultimate.ai's deep integration in Zendesk, we know we can support helphouse.io's customised and complex customer requirements seamlessly. This will drive better experiences not only for our customers but also for end users.

- Reetu Kainulainen, CEO and Co-founder of ultimate.ai

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How customers benefit from this partnership

This partnership presents Zendesk experts in 2 different areas: system integration and automation. The goal is to approach clients as one team, especially with enterprise clients with complex needs. We guarantee high quality solutions for our clients; therefore, having a skilled partner like ultimate.ai is extremely relevant. We believe them to have strong expertise that can add value to our clients. One factor making ultimate.ai a prioritised partner is that when they start servicing their clients, they open different communication channels like Slack or Google to ensure transparency and immediate response, which is a quite unique service. In our perspective, ultimate.ai’s greatest value is their mindset around empowering their clients to manage their automations independently, thus avoiding making the use of ultimate.ai’s system a money machine, but rather a service for their clients.

Another service they are launching soon is quarterly conferences for existing clients and partners where their CEO presents the newest features of ultimate.ai. And if there are any unanswered questions after the conference, the ultimate.ai-team will be more than happy to answer them in a separate session.
This service again separates ultimate.ai from their competitors, making them a very valued partner for us. Ultimately, this partnership allows us to offer our clients fewer tickets, optimised Zendesk setup resulting in better CSAT, and shorter first response and average handle time - so what’s not to like?

Benefits of ultimate.ai & Zendesk combined




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Reduction of agent tickets

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