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If you run a business that interacts with B2B companies frequently, and you are impressed with the customer service and experience they provide, there is a good chance that they are using solutions we have devised for them. serves as a technological and customer service consultancy house for numerous B2B and B2C businesses, allowing them to handle customer requests and queries, complaints, and other matters smarter and more efficiently. Simply put, we are customer experience experts!

We offer our clients a holistic solution that encompasses all the facets of a successful customer service operation. Let us dive deeper and show you how we serve our clients with the various services we have to offer.

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Reselling SaaS Products

Several SaaS products focus on CRM optimisation, but businesses often find it challenging to use them to their advantage. This is where we come in. At, we offer SaaS vendors the opportunity to reach a broader target audience and help our customers get the best of world-class SaaS solutions. We match our third-party SaaS products to your organisational needs and assist with implementation and personalisation according to your company structure and operations.


We are the pioneers of personalised Zendesk apps and solutions that allow our clients to handle their customer service operations smarter and smoother. In fact, we are the largest Zendesk Premier Partner in Europe, making us one of the most qualified consultancy houses you can find. Zendesk is one of the best and most efficient SaaS solutions for B2B clients looking to employ the full spectrum of customer experience operations. Apart from the Zendesk Suite, we also help our clients implement unique Zendesk Apps and solutions.


Telecommunication is still the cornerstone of stellar customer experience, and it involves the development and implementation of technology to enhance communication between companies and their customers. We also utilise the latest technologies and processes to develop optimised and fluid telephony systems that our clients can use to make their customers’ lives easier.

Automation & AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken customer operations to a whole new level in the past few years. Thanks to automation, clients no longer need to have scores of customer service agents attending calls around the clock and conducting manual processes. All of these are left in the past, and we can move forward with rapid and personalised solutions that allow work to be done much more efficiently. With the solutions we provide to our clients, they are able to reduce the time it takes to solve problems.

Workforce Management

Workforce management is a robust tool that organisations use to increase the efficiency and productivity of their employees while also predicting workforce requirements and efficiently maintaining work schedules. Through’s state-of-the-art solutions, B2B clients can maintain order in the ranks and ensure smooth workflows without any downtime.

Feedback Management

One of the critical facets of customer service is to gather and manage feedback and utilise this feedback to improve company operations properly. Feedback management is not something every business can undertake professionally, which is why they rely on us. We provide them with a full-fledged feedback management solution that they can use to leverage customer feedback and serve their customers better. It is a crucial component of the holistic solution we offer to our clients.


When it comes to getting your brand out there and interacting with customers, many different channels come into play, such as social media, telephony, email, and several others. Using these channels in tandem with one another is what optimises customer service operations for B2B clients while making it easier for customers to reach out whenever they have any queries or concerns. At, we are all about developing an Omnichannel strategy that covers all the bases.

Help Desk System

For many years, companies have gotten by with a manual ticketing system for their help desk operations, prolonging the time it takes to solve problems and find effective solutions. We replace them with an optimised and smooth help desk system that can be managed through a single user interface and dashboard. This allows employees to effectively localise the actual problem within the company’s operations and workflows.omni

Consultancy Services

As a highly qualified consultancy house, we understand how important it is for companies to focus on their core business capabilities and goals. Therefore, we provide them with comprehensive solutions to automate some tasks and better manage other tasks. Moreover, we offer holistic and far-reaching strategies that help our clients meet and fulfil organisational and expansion goals much more efficiently. Our consultancy services also include Service Level Agreements, strategic consultation, and consultation regarding implementation and optimisation.

Integrations/360° View

At, we also understand how crucial it is to ensure a complete 360° view of your data, which is mapped with the help of internal and external data sources. We offer our clients a complete picture of their business data, which they can use to generate valuable insights, forecast performance and pitfalls, develop accurate reports, and also achieve a higher level of compliance with international laws and regulations. This data integration ignites a complete digital transformation through improved prediction and understanding of customer loyalty, choosing the proper channels while saving the organisation a lot of time and resources.

Streamline Your Customer Service with

By encompassing all of the above facets and features into one complete and holistic solution, we can solve critical problems for our clients. Simply put, we are experts in optimising the digital customer service for ambitious companies, and we provide them with a fully functioning and personalised Zendesk system that reaches out to a broad audience. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help your business.

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