Go from Zendesk Insights to Zendesk Explore 🏃

It's been established, that Zendesk Explore will replace Zendesk Insights. Zendesk will stop adding feature updates to Zendesk Insights and will ultimately be discontinued in the foreseeable future.

Zendesk Explore is an analytics product that is built to measure and improve the entire customer experience. It comes with a lot of new features and a greater user interface and general user experience than Zendesk Insights.


Effortless reporting with Zendesk Explore 🏆

If you're working with the data and reporting tool Zendesk Insights, we have good news! Zendesk is presenting a new reporting and analytics tool, Zendesk Explore.

Easy access to data is the only way to get a better understanding of how your customer service operates and gaining insights into areas where your improvement could have an impact. Your customer service is in need of useful data analytics and data is not easy acquired without the right tool - this is now possible with Zendesk Explore.

Discover some of the new features and possibilities with Zendesk Explore below. 👇

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Pre-built Dashboards

Zendesk Explore offers numerous pre-built dashboards and with this feature, it will help you understand every move and interaction of your customer experience.

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No more coding

Zendesk Explore is customizable with a simple drag'n'drop interface - this means no more coding is required!

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Sharing is caring

Data are also important to other people within your company - with Zendesk Explore it's easy to share your reports so you can generate automatic weekly reports.

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