A better way to capture and measure customer feedback in all your support channels

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Enable data-driven decisions

In 2011, Samuli Zetterberg started Surveypal. His mission was to make it easier and more affordable for companies to capture real-time customer, market, and employee insights. Turn their voices into action and assist customer support teams in finding success and happiness in their work.

Initially, Surveypal was a standard survey platform and has since moved more and more towards experience management within enterprise companies. Today, Surveypal primarily focuses on customer support organisations and has approx. 30 employees located in Finland.

Other survey tools often battle low response rates and limited visibility into the customers’ feedback history. But Surveypal enables companies to capture and report real-time insights.

With more than 12 million survey responses automated from its online platform, Surveypal offers one of the world’s leading customer feedback solutions.

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Elevate your online surveys

The Surveypal platform offers a powerful feedback management solution to SMBs and enterprises in all industries. The real-time customer insights empower the employees to make informed decisions.

By leveraging online surveys at different phases of a customer lifecycle – across all devices and platforms – Surveypal boosts response rates and allows companies to track their performance in real time. If a company chooses to act on the feedback, it has all the data required to initiate an improvement process.

Because customers hold the key to optimising a company's customer experience, we at saw great potential in having a partner who specialises in gathering this information.

“Helphouse knows how to lead customers to Zendesk success, and we are excited to help strengthen that value creation and lead customer organisations to better CX and business.

- Jussi Toivonen, Partner Success Manager, Surveypal

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The importance of customer feedback

Customer feedback is more than just customer satisfaction measurement, and not all input is usable. That is why Surveypal's platform caught helphouse's attention back in 2019. It is an upgrade to the out-of-the-box feedback feature in Zendesk, and it can be customised to each client.

With their immense expertise in feedback solutions and setup, Surveypal can assist its clients in establishing the best feedback model for their specific needs. This ensures the collection of the most usable feedback, which is crucial for any organisation concerned with its customer experience.

One of the benefits of our partnership is the opportunity for us to include Surveypal in client meetings and workshops to get a better understanding, make the right decisions, create better agent coaching, and ultimately get the best result.

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Close the perception gap

Closing the often quite large gap between perception and reality can seem like a daunting task, as it requires a lot of data and new processes. That is one of the reasons why this partnership holds great value to us in our battle to eliminate bad service but also to Surveypal who lives for showing you your customers real feelings.

Being a CX consultancy firm, we know that happy employees lead to happy customers and vice versa. Therefore, we see great value in getting feedback from both our customers and employees.

Having your Zendesk set up with Surveypal’s solution enables you to better understand your customers, their behaviour, and not least your employees.

Together with Surveypal, we are building bespoke solutions for Zendesk customers and are entering the highway of value creation that can launch companies into the 22nd century of CX leadership.

How customers benefit from this partnership

We have one rule for our partnerships: We only enter partnerships that make sense for our clients, potential clients, and us. Our partnership with Surveypal does exactly that. It allows us to co-deliver the best feedback-based solutions to our customers. We learn from each other, which makes us even better at understanding the need for and development within customer feedback.

Together, we can enhance ways to measure customer experience in different customer service channels like phone, email, chat, social media, and self-service websites. The gathered data can be analysed and turned into insights. And these insights can then be turned into concrete actions for leading and operating the customer service.

Together, we can guide our joint clients and potential clients toward customer service excellence – now and tomorrow – with the help of technologies, the best know-how within customer experience, and feedback models - and we do so happily.

As Surveypal has stated: “Helphouse stood out as a competent, strongly branded Danish company with a very friendly and welcoming attitude, which made it easy for us to choose them as our partner.”

Our partnership with Surveypal has brought tremendous value to several of our joint clients, including Shaping New Tomorrow. They wanted to elevate their customer service based on actual customer feedback, and they have had great success doing so. You can read about them in our case story here.

Another happy customer of Surveypal is LocalTapiola, one of the biggest insurance companies in Finland: “After implementing Surveypal’s solution, we saw significant improvement in the response experience. Before we started working with Surveypal, only about 15% of survey respondents gave us open-ended feedback. Now, more than half of our survey respondents provide open feedback, allowing us to better understand how they perceive their experience with us.”

Benefits of Surveypal & Zendesk combined


Customisable surveys


Insightful dashboards


Happy support teams

So, if you want to know how your customers genuinely feel about you and your service, reach out and let us find out.