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The phone system for the modern business

Aircall believes; voice is the most powerful way to communicate with customers, prospects, candidates, and colleagues. We, as Customer Experience Experts, do too have a strong belief in the immense value of communication. Therefore we partnered with Aircall back in June 2020.

Aircall started their business with the vision to make phone support as easy to manage as any other business workflow. They are a cloud-based telephone system and call center software in one. Aircall took its beginning in Paris in 2014 and now has more than 400 employees. Aircall is located in Paris, New York, Sydney and Madrid, from where they serve customers across the world with their intuitive and easily integratable phone system.

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Intuitive and easy to integrate

With a partner like us, who are experts in Zendesk, Aircall saw great possibilities, not only in the added value a partnership could provide joint customers, but also in the level of knowledge sharing and sparring a partnership with a Zendesk Premier Partner could deliver.

We naturally also saw great opportunities in a partnership with Aircall, allowing us to provide our customers with an easy, intuitive, price-competitive and modern phone system, which is also easily integrated into Zendesk solutions.

Seen as telefony and good customer experiences are closely related it was a natural fit. We also hold a common mindset of wanting to create the best possible experience for the customers.

We decided to partner with helphouse as their focus on customer-centricity is one of our core values. The entire team at helphouse, being very engaged, focused and energetic, is making it very easy to work together!

- Anthony Tobelaim - Director of partnerships EMEA & APAC at Aircall

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Choosing the right partner

Partnerships can be perceived as meer lead generating machines and it might be for some. But for us, it is of great value to have a partner, who is as passionate about CX as we are and who wants to deliver the best solutions possible.

As Aircall states: For us it is important to work with partners who are passionate about our product and truly believes that Aircall is the best solution out there.

Therefore, we can safely send a unified message across all of our networks that we will collectively assure that if you need a strong partner with Zendesk and Aircall expertise, you will be in good hands with us.

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Borders are not obstacles

Having partners across the world is no problem, we are all quite used to the use of online interaction therefore we do not let borders stand in the way of our partnerships. If a potential partner has the right product and/or service, the right mindset and the right values - we see potential in them.

As a reseller of Aircall, we own the sales process completely. Our consultants suggest Aircall to customers where they see a need, a fit and the possibility of added value for the customer.

As a consultancy company we do rely on the expertise of our partners and Aircall is always available for questions that might arise in the process, amongst other things their level of availability is what makes Aircall one of our most trusted partners.

“We rapidly identified helphouse as one of the main players in the Customer Success ecosystem in Northern Europe when we met at a Zendesk event in Berlin. Being introduced by someone from Zendesk, one of our best CRM integrations, it was obvious we wanted to work with helphouse’s team to bring the best customer experience to Aircall clients in the Nordics and expand our market.
helphouse is a trustworthy consulting company and quickly we understood the DNA match and potential of our collaboration. helphouse is one of our trusted partners in Denmark, we are looking forward to working together on further growing Aircall in that region.”

- Anthony Tobelaim - Director of partnerships EMEA & APAC at Aircall

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How customers benefit from this partnership

Aircall offers a product highly relevant to any business: a modern way of communication, especially for sales and support teams. They know and trust us to always provide our joint customers with exceptional service. Throughout this partnership both parties' focus is 100 percent customer-centricity.

Aircall's system is very much suitable for the majority of our clients’ lines of business and size. The system is very easy to set-up no matter the company's size. And it is not only their UI, the easy Zendesk integration and the price competitiveness that lays the foundation for our great partnership, we also see great value in Aircalls scalability.

Every business experiencing growth has a fear about potential pitfalls in upscaling their set-up, therefore having a partner who had scalability as one of their forces was crucial to us. This is also one of the reasons why we always have Aircall in the back of our heads when talking to clients and potential cients.

By being a reseller we are in charge of first level support, this ensures a Single Point of Entry for our clients and enables them to talk directly to their own known and trusted helphouse-consultant, whenever they need support.

Aircall states; helphouse is really knowledgeable about Aircall and mainly educates their clients directly, but of course our team is always available for questions that might arise in the process.

Therefore, one of the key features of the system for us is the easy UI which allows us to easily stay on top of new features, train our clients and get them set up with Aircall.

Benefits of Aircall & Zendesk combined


Quick set-up


Easy integration


Highly user-friendly

Let's talk about how integrating Aircall to your Zendesk could add value to your business