Effortless and efficient workforce management in Zendesk with automated scheduling and forecasting

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Bye-bye spreadsheets, hello automated ease

Imagine the endless hours you spend juggling agents in spreadsheets or similarly disheartening manual tools.

But workforce management does not have to be a time-consuming hassle. tymeshift integrates seamlessly with Zendesk and uses the data already available in the system to suggest schedules by predicting how many agents are required to cover the workload at certain times.

Part of the magic of tymeshift is the complete overview it provides – directly in your Zendesk instance. You get to follow your team's productivity and other key metrics in real time and can compare the schedule to the forecast to uncover gaps or discrepancies in advance.

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A matter of tyme

tymeshift's ease of use also extends to agents. They get to benefit from automatic time tracking, up-to-date schedules that reflect their actual contact volume, and the ability to track their own performance and compare it to the team's KPIs.

This allows for transparency around goals and development while empowering your agents to take charge of their work and progress.

Once implemented, tymeshift immediately starts working for you and your team, and it is just a matter of time before you will experience the difference it makes.

Made for Zendesk, made for success

Because tymeshift is built exclusively for Zendesk and seamlessly integrated into the system with a user-friendly interface, every new feature and functionality is developed only with Zendesk users in mind.

That focused strategy makes tymeshift just as adaptable and versatile as Zendesk itself, catering to a wide range of industries and markets. Established businesses and start-ups within ecommerce and retail, tech and financial services are already enjoying the benefits of smooth and intelligent workforce management powered by tymeshift.

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“Having helphouse.io as a partner was an important piece of our strategy moving forward. We know that helphouse.io’s unique CX experience combined with our workforce management capabilities will provide a one-of-a-kind solution to our joint clients.

- Nicholas Ghitti, Head of Growth at tymeshift

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Manage your team, not their schedules

Once you have defined the parameters, tymeshift does the heavy lifting – or, in this case, the rather dull lifting – of making schedules for all your agents. The automated output is a suggested schedule, which you just need to approve before making it available to the team in their Zendesk instance.
Approving the suggested schedule is a breeze compared to the chore of manual scheduling, and it will free up a lot of time that you can spend managing your team outside the confining cells of a spreadsheet.

“With their extensive knowledge and holistic approach, helphouse.io has allowed us to help tackle the issues around CS and CX by combining Zendesk with tymeshift. With their outgoing and solution-driven approach, we have no doubt that our partnership with helphouse.io will be long-lasting!

- Maya de Bresser, Partnerships Executive at tymeshift

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How can this partnership help you and your team?

At helphouse.io, we utilise tech and insights to empower our clients to deliver the best possible customer experience. tymeshift facilitates just that. The solution helps businesses manage their support teams ensuring that the right number of agents are available when needed.

Not only does this lead to faster response times and a higher CSAT, but employee satisfaction is also likely to rise as scheduling follows an accurate forecast based on historical data. The result is a virtuous circle.

As a proud tymeshift Gold Partner, we look forward to implementing the solution in businesses that want to offer both customers and agents the best conditions. The partnership also involves staying up to date on new features and changes, and the potential they hold for further optimisation and streamlining.

“helphouse.io has demonstrated that they are an engaged and active partner, bringing in their unique expertise around Zendesk and understanding what their client base's needs are. Their hands-on collaboration and flexibility allow us to reach a large scope of mutual clients and further build opportunities together. We believe that our partnership will play a vital role in the continuously evolving landscape of the CS and CX space."

- Jordan Sleightholm, Chief Revenue Officer at tymeshift

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tymeshift & Zendesk combined


Efficient and effortless
workforce management


 Automated scheduling
and accurate forecasting


User-friendly UI, instant
overview, and real-time
tracking & monitoring

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