We are Customer Experience Solution Experts

We can help with everything from consulting, analyzing, planing implementing, optimizing and customizing Zendesk solutions.

We are experts in what we do, and we believe in the value of good customer experience. We are passionate about elevating customer experience set-ups through Tech and Knowhow. We were founded in 2017 by brothers Carl Hye Thaisen and Hans Andersen, with an ambition to: help you help your customers.

With a track record of 500+ projects across the world, we are proud of our title as: Zendesk Premier Partner This title only emphasizes our position as one of the leading Zendesk Solution providers in EMEA.

We were the first Zendesk Authorized App Developer in Europe - and yes, we still develop our own Apps.

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Dare to be challenged?

We are experts on how to elevate your customer experience. We are proud of the way we challenge companies on their set-up, ways of working and processes. We facilitate workshops to ensure our clients don’t waste time on ineffective systems and overcomplicated workflows, but spend time where it matters: building stronger customer relations.

A cooperation with us usually starts with a workshop. In a workshop we discover the pains and gains for the specific comapny. Whether you are a company of 100+ or 1000+ agents, we provide you with the insights, tools, skills, training, etc. needed to take your customer experience to the next level.

The value of good CX

What is the real value of good customer experience? Well, since 75% are willing to pay more for good service and only 38% of lost customers are likely to come back after a bad one it is pretty clear - customer experience is an important factor in the success of your business.

The work we do, doesn't only make your customers happy, it makes your employees happier. With a set-up by us, you give them the opportunity to do all their work in just one program, regardless whether the inquiry comes via phone, mail, social media, chat or other channels.
Let's find the right way to optimize your business, enabling you to work smarter, spend time improving customer relationships and strengthen your position in the market.

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The culture

We strive to optimize our customers' experiences, in order to do that, we must keep educating and elevating ourselves. Therefore we often participate in courses, webinars and other relevant activities. We appreciate our colleagues and the work we all do, we strive to share our knowledge as much as possible.

We celebrate our wins and learn from our losses. The foundation of the company is built upon our own experiences with bad customer service and we all hold a strong desire to end bad customer experience.

The helphouse.io way

By having us as your CX-partner you are guaranteed a complete 360° consultancy experience. Our house holds many different skills.

We have consultants, developers, architects, analysts, communicators and many more. If you need a thorough analysis, we have a team for that, If you need a specific app or integration, we develop it for you or if your team needs training, we can help you with that too.

Besides our inhouse-competencies, we also have some of the best partnerships in the world, check out our partners here.

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Looking to enhance your business?
Talk to one of our account executives about how we can elevate your company’s customer experiences.

I have learned a lot from working with helphouse.io and gained new perspectives. With a sustainable strategy and the right tool kit, the possibilities are virtually endless. And there is always room for improvement.

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