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We can help with everything from consulting, analyzing, planing, implementing, optimizing and customizing Zendesk solutions.

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We are a full-service customer experience consulting firm with solid experience in optimizing the digital customer service for some of the largest brands in Europe. Our in-house resources include development, consultancy, and design, which enables us to provide you with a fully tailored setup and the competencies to elevate your CX.

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Streamline your Customer Service with one complete holistic solution

By having us as your CX-partner you are guaranteed a complete 360° consultancy experience. We have consultants, developers, architects, analysts, communicators and many more. If you need a thorough analysis, we have a team for that, If you need a specific app or integration, we develop it for you or if your team needs training, we can help you with that too. Besides our inhouse-competencies, we also have some of the best partnerships in the world, you can check them out here. Offering one complete and holistic solution, we can solve critical problems for our clients. Simply put, we are experts in optimising the digital customer service for ambitious companies, and we provide them with a fully functioning and personalised Zendesk system that reaches out to a broad audience. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help your business.

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We are Zendesk Premier Partner

With a passion for good customer service and based on world-class software from Zendesk, we develop successful customer experience solutions that help you build strong customer relations, stay competitive, and increase revenue.

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Zendesk Suite

The Zendesk Suite is the stack of tools your customer service has been dreaming of. It enables you to provide seamless support to your customers through a simple interface that works across all channels. As Zendesk Premier Partner we’re official resellers of Zendesk Suite licenses. We also help you with understanding which products suit your company the best.

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Zendesk Apps

Apps for Zendesk are made to enhance the workflows your customer support agents go through in Zendesk everyday. The apps we’ve made for Zendesk Apps has been developed to create the true feeling of omnichannel customer service. Also to make life easier for support agents.

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Collab with partners

We at HelpHouse carefully prioritize the selection of partners to ensure that our customers receive a tailored Zendesk solution that meets their unique requirements. Our focus is on thorough customization to achieve the optimal configuration and customer satisfaction.

We advise our customers on a strategic level, plan and execute on the decided actions but this is, in many cases, only possible with the right partners. We choose our partners wisely and only enter into partnerships with companies who are experts in their fields and companies who can guarantee best-in-breed solutions to our customers.

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I have learned a lot from working with and gained new perspectives. With a sustainable strategy and the right tool kit, the possibilities are virtually endless. And there is always room for improvement.

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