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Stop repeating. Start sharing.

Repeating the same answer constantly is not only time-consuming but also frustrating.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could reach your customers proactively before they even make an inquiry?
That is exactly what you can do with Zendesk Guide.
Dig into the smartest features here.

Help desk with a beautiful view

Zendesk Support comes with a beautiful interface, that gives you a quick and simple overview of all your customers inquiries.

It makes it easy for your agents to solve the most crucial customer issues first.

beautiful view
omnichannel made easy

Omnichannel made easy

Giving your customers an omnichannel experience has never been easier. With Zendesk Marketplace you have access to +500 apps for Zendesk.

That means you can integrate almost every channel to Zendesk and have all your customer's inquiries collected in one single interface.

Pssst.. If the app isn’t made, we can make it.

Care about numbers? No worries.

Should we go left or right? Don’t make crucial decisions based on your feelings.

Zendesk provides you with the most important numbers on your customer service efforts. Including statistics about how you’re doing compared to other companies in your industry.

This makes it a lot easier to improve your customer service when your decisions are backed up by real data.

care about numbers
unbox customize go

Unbox. Customize. Go.

Setting up Zendesk is really easy and definitely useable out of the box. But it’s when we customize it, there really is a lift-off.

Create triggers, automations, macros and other cool stuff to optimize your customer service.

You can even integrate information from systems like your ERP or CRM system to your Zendesk, as long as the system has an open API.

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