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App that integrates Pipedrive & Zendesk

View and create events to Pipedrive directly from a ticket in Zendesk

Optimize the collaboration between sales and support

With the app, you connect your Pipedrive CRM system to your Zendesk Support system. This gives your salespeople and agents access to better knowledge sharing and collaboration.

With the Pipedrive integration, you can manage activities directly from a ticket in Zendesk and create contacts, etc., via quite a few clicks.

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Key features

  • Your agents can use the Pipedrive integration without a license to your Pipedrive account. This means your agents don’t have to pass on simple tasks to your sales team, and you save money on licenses.
  • From a ticket in Zendesk, you can view & add to Pipedrive: contact, organizations, deals, activities.
  • Easy configuration of which custom fields to show.


Use fewer clicks
and save time


Share knowledge between
sales and support


Streamline workflows

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