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zendesk sell

“A full-featured CRM for all kinds of businesses”

- Zendesk

Zendesk Sell


Reduce friction

Sales force automation and CRM tools haven’t changed much over the past couple of years and are often clumsy and complex to use.
Zendesk Sell on the other hand, with its simplistic design, is a different kind of sales tool. It's designed to reduce the friction from deal updates, so sales reps and management are constantly able to access, analyze, and collaborate on relevant deal data seamlessly.

In other words, Zendesk Sell enables your sales team to work from a more informed, more authentic, and most importantly a more human perspective.

Designed to keep your sales team selling!

Zendesk Sell is closely connected to Zendesk Support so you can understand the support requests, needs, and challenges that customers are facing. And vice versa, where support agents can identify further sales opportunities and grow the pipeline and affect revenue.

The lines between Sales and Support are blurred, which improves the experience significantly - and great customer experience results in better revenue and better brand recognition and ultimately more market share.

zendesk sell2

Zendesk Sell

Track leads, manage deals, and grow customer relationships.

  • Customized sales pipeline
  • Full featured mobile CRM
  • Email integration (includes Gmail)
  • Apps and integrations
  • Analytics and reporting
sale suite

Zendesk Sales Suite

Sales CRM with fully integrated live chat and lead enrichment

Everything in Sell, plus:

  • Live chat
  • Prospect list building
  • Lead and contact enrichment

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