Why secure handling of data is a €˜must€™ for Customer Experience

Why secure handling of data is a “must” for Customer Experience

Personalisation and a seamless experience are important elements when it comes to hunting down satisfied and loyal customers. It requires customer data collection that puts you in a position to understand and fully predict how your customers act, react and what they want.

In order for your customers to feel safe handing over their data to you, it’s important that you show them that you are handling and storing their data securely. When questioned,  84% of consumers stated that they are aware of a company’s privacy policy, while 80% are willing to actively do something to protect their personal data. A transparent and easy-to-understand description of how your company handles data will create trust amongst your customers.

There are already tools out there to help you manage your data. However, many of them require you to actively start, manage, and control them, but you don€™t have to worry about that any more. We have worked hard to present a fully automatic redactions tool which helps you stay compliant but which doesn’t affect your valuable statistics – and you only have to set it up once. From there, it helps you stay compliant 24/7-364 without you having to worry.


At time of writing, 107 countries around the world have introduced legislation concerning data protection. At the same time, the financial penalties for not complying with this legislation are often astronomical. For example, 2020 saw a 19% rise in violations of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compared to the previous year. A total of 275 million euros in fines has been issued since the GDPR came into force in May 2018  – the biggest of which was Google’s 50 million euro fine!

Online retail is continuing to grow rapidly and the battle for customer loyalty is a tough one. The demands placed on a digital Customer Experience Design that will make you competitive are growing all the time. Intelligent use of customer data as part of your Customer Experience Design can give you tangible business results, but it also requires you to have an effective data processing set-up.

A major survey of 370 European and American businesses showed that many businesses feel that processing customer data correctly is both difficult and time-consuming – with the rule regarding the customer’s right to erasure topping the list. A rule that also makes it hard for businesses to identify important statistics because the routines for erasing customer data often mean that history and knowledge regarding customer behaviour disappear. Knowledge that would otherwise have been used to develop a company’s services.

What are the most difficult GDPR obligations in 2019?

What are the most difficult GDPR obligations in 2019?Mean score on 0-10 Scale: 0=Not At All Difficult; 10=Extremely Difficult. Source: IAPP-EY Annual Gorvernance Report 2019

How to know your customers AND stay compliant

The will to stay compliant is definitely present, and many companies are doing their absolute best to stay compliant, but one of the major issues regarding data retention and compliance is “locating unstructured personal data”, where 56% of organisations name this as the most challenging issue. Holding this up against the fact that 84% of customers are more loyal to companies with strong security controls, this, in itself, should be reason enough to invest in a better solution or in tools to help manage the massive amounts of data your company probably manages on a daily business. 

With gert.io added to your Zendesk account, you just define your criteria for what needs to be anonymised in your tickets and how often you want it done – all without the use of coding of course. gert.io then works in the background, continuously anonymising sensitive customer data while giving you full access to your statistics.

So stop wasting time on managing your data manually and let gert do the hard work for you. Let’s introduce you to him and allow us to show you how he can help you in your data management. 

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