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Why Consulting Houses Should Have Good and Stable Partners

According to the National Fund, successful industry partnerships symbolise a shared commitment to good employment, racial equity and inclusion, and a continuous learning mindset. But that’s not all. Collaborating with other companies helps a business grow while diversifying its products or services without having to onboard new employees, develop new skills, or invest in additional resources.

In this article, we discuss the importance of good and stable partnerships for consulting houses in order to deliver omnichannel customer service to their clients.

Stable Partnerships: A Win-Win Situation for All

As a consulting house, you need partners to offer a full omnichannel service to your clients and deliver exceptional customer service. At the same time, you are also important to your partners because they get potential leads out of you as a partner.

Let’s take a look at the top eight benefits of partnering with other companies in your niche:

1. Access to Cutting-edge Knowledge

Companies need a wealth of knowledge and that knowledge comes in abundance with strategic partnerships with other businesses operating in your industry or niche. This gives developing companies the opportunity to grow and learn from each other’s perspectives. You can put all of the knowledge into use to further build your brand and business in the future.

2. Support for Mutual Goals

The combined experience of partners and their shared objectives enable consulting houses to implement custom solutions that make a significant difference from the get-go.

For example, we have partnered with Ultimate.ai or babelforce to make customer service easy.

Our shared purpose and commitment are paving the way for remarkable results from this collaboration based on an implementation and reseller partnership. This allows us to include e. g. babelforce in our Zendesk solutions and help our customers implement and get the most out of the babelforce software.

3. Competitive Advantage

Partnerships increase your understanding, proficiency, and resources available to make better products or offer better services and reach a greater audience. Moreover, every business experiencing growth fears potential pitfalls in upscaling their setup. Therefore, having a stable partner ensures scalability. All of these put together along with 360-degree feedback can skyrocket your business to great heights.

4. Better Business Credibility and Image

The right business partnership will improve the ethos of your company. When companies that share the same objectives and vision join forces, the impact and strength of each business can grow radically.

Partnerships empower businesses to provide better products or services to consumers, which increases overall brand equity. Moreover, partnerships can also create better brand awareness and improve marketing efforts to display the combined strengths of both businesses.

5. Expanded Customer Base

Through a well-designed strategic partnership, your business can grow its customer base. You can enter into a direct agreement with a company that offers products or services that are complementary to your own.

For example, at helphouse.io, we’ve collaborated with Aircall to provide our customers with an easy, intuitive, price-competitive, and modern phone system, which is also easily integrated into Zendesk solutions.

6. Maximised Cost Savings

Every business is concerned about decreasing expenditures and maximising revenue, and consulting houses are no exception. Partnership and collaboration can reduce operating expenses because they balance out the expenses between both organisations. This might include training, shared workspace, workshops, transportation, or anything else related to the shared mission.

7. Long-Term Stability

The main objective of all companies is to stay relevant for a long time and reach their set business goals. Having the right partners means you are no longer working in isolation. You will have access to more knowledge, innovation, capability, and resources. The bottom line? A solid industry partnership makes you better, improves your weaknesses, and augments your strengths. Eventually, this is all you need to be relevant for a very long time and help your business achieve its goals and key results.

For instance, with our extensive knowledge, solution-driven attitude, and holistic approach, helphouse.io has allowed tymeshift to help tackle the issues around customer service and customer experience by combining Zendesk with its platform.

8. Improved Productivity

When multiple companies come together to attain a shared goal, there are much higher chances of attaining that goal more effectively, and even in a more timely manner. Distributing tasks and funds can save time, allowing both companies to focus on specific efforts. As they always say, two hands (or more) are better than one!

Our partnership with Solvemate, for instance, allows us to offer our customers and potential customers an automation platform powered by smart conversational AI. This results in higher ticket deflection, good customer service without having to hire new employees, and happier customer service agents because of a lower number of routine queries.

Leverage Our Industry Partnerships for Better Customer Service

Needless to say, all companies need to look for the right strategic partnership that complements their activities, as it is a definite way to grow any business moving forward. If huge multinational companies like Google and Apple still see strategic partnerships as a way to develop and expand their business prospects, then there shouldn’t be any excuse for any company to not follow suit and reap the benefits that come with a well-aligned partnership.

As one of the leading Zendesk solution providers in EMEA, helphouse.io teams up with industry-leading providers of technologies to support our clients’ needs. We advise our clients on a strategic level, helping them plan and execute the decided actions. However, often this is only possible with the support of the right partners.

Our partners play a vital role in many of our co-operations – both in solving clients’ problems as well as by empowering us to provide holistic and omnichannel focused solutions. We are very careful about who we collaborate with and only partner with companies who are experts in their fields and can guarantee best-in-breed solutions to our customers.

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