Meaningful conversations via AI

Solvemate is built around asking the right questions at the right time. It enables quick answers for the customers, and companies do not need to spend too much time on routine queries. Customers save time looking for answers to their questions, and time is saved for customer service agents, allowing them to deliver the quality customer service they strive to achieve every day. 

It all started in 2015 with a phone call between Erik, the founder of Solvemate, and his father, who needed help with an IT issue. Through this conversation, Erik discovered the fastest way to nail down the problem was to ask multiple-choice questions. This phone call resulted in the beginning of Solvemate. Solvemate is headquartered  in Berlin and 40 employees from 20 different countries serve customers in both Europe and North America. 


A unique contextual conversation engine

Being able to offer our client the ability to increase ticket deflection without manning up or losing the human touch  means the world to both us and Solvemate. 

Solvemate’s solution enables companies to create chatbot conversations allowing service agents to spend time on the conversations that really matter. Their unique Solvemate Contextual Conversation Engine™ learns quicker, integrates easier, resolves requests extremely fast, and has an exceptional time-to-market. Solvemate applies machine learning that actively guides people to the right answer based on a multiple-choice principle, whether it is on your homepage, WhatsApp, inside your iOS/Android app, or the like and layers on NLP to give customers the best of both words

Another feature making Solvemate a very valued partner is the multilingual capabilities, the seamless handover between agents, and, last but not least, the easy integration. 


“We saw great opportunities in a partnership with Solvemate. A partnership that would allow us to offer our clients and potential clients an automation platform powered by smart conversational AI, resulting in higher ticket deflection, maintaining good customer service without manning up, and happier customer service agents due to a lower number of routine queries”

- Rune Ersgard, CCO at



A great partnership

Solvemate wanted the world to know about their solution and as they have stated, “being able to partner with the best Zendesk Service Integration partner in Europe, who also has a very similar Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), would make this plan even more doable” 
And for us, having a partner whose solutions help ambitious brands create great customer service experiences just sounded like a match made in heaven. Therefore, in 2019, and Solvemate joined forces on a mission to elevate customer experience via meaningful conversations powered by the best combination of technology and expertise. 

In our line of business, many partners can be seen as fitting or relevant, but for us, partnerships have to contain more than the idea of exposure to each others’ networks and customer portfolios; therefore, we only partner with companies who add value to our clients’ solutions, and Solvemate does exactly that. Their product adds a huge value for Zendesk customers who want to automate their customer service experience.


Customers expect more

We know that today’s customers reach out to brands through more channels than ever before, and they demand answers faster than ever. It’s therefore important to offer an easy way for customers to contact you, but ultimately, channels can be used strategically to build the best service funnel for your business. Solvemate enables brands to deliver quality customer service through meaningful conversations and to provide the right help at the right time for their customers. 
Therefore, we always have Solvemate in mind when talking to clients where we see a need like this. 
We aspire to help our client to provide exceptional service and to ultimately exceed their customers’ expectations. Our partnership with Solvemate can help us to fulfill this goal.


“Solvemate and are partnered together to ensure our customers get the maximum value from their customer service automation tools, and do it in the easiest way possible. Solvemate's powerful automation platform connects to many business systems, and is there to assist with complex setups and maintenance,

- Erik Pfannmöller, CEO and Co-founder at Solvemate



How customers benefit from this partnership

As a Zendesk Premier partner, it is crucial for us to create the best customer service experience when assisting Zendesk customers. Therefore, it is a pleasure to offer our clients Solvemates’ out-of-the-box integration and their seamless routing of tickets between agents in Zendesk Chat or Zendesk Support. 

As a reseller of Solvemate, we are fully trained in the set-up, the use, and the benefits of Solvemate’s services. However, if a client is reluctant or just needs more clarification on the product, it is nice to have a partner who is always ready to step into the discussion, seen as they are the true experts.

“Solvemate offers recorded product training for partners, which is really cool. These training sessions allow me to stay updated on the latest versions, features, and development of their product. Which, in the end, enables me to deliver the best possible solution to our clients.”
      - Robert Wiesemborski, Solution Consultant at


Ultimately, this partnership enables us to assist our clients in getting happier agents which often leads to happier customers. This, through avoiding routine queries, allows more time to the valuable conversation and the rise in ticket deflection. 
Not a bad partnership when our work revolves around elevating Customer Experience. 

 “Working with Solvemate is a true pleasure! They are a “young” company like us, with great values and impressive energy. I really enjoy working with Solvemate, not only because we have the same definition of what good CX is, but also because of their chatbot - it is just so easy to explain to customers."

- Jonas Poulsen, Account Executive at 



Benefits of Solvemate & Zendesk combined



Quick transfer to agent if needed


Easy integration


Great combination of NLP & DDT



Let's talk about how integrating Solvemate to your Zendesk could add value to your business