launches an exciting partnership with babelforce! launches an exciting partnership with babelforce!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered up with our great friends at babelforce to be able to provide you with an even better customer service solution. 

balbelforce’s focus is on the call center experience of customer service. They’re perfectly and fully integrated with Zendesk, and we’re very excited to start collaborating with them.

“The great thing about babelforce is that they’re making sure that the call center, as the most personal and meaningful part of customer service, is always a smooth and satisfying experience. They’re passionate about what they do, while being innovative and ambitious, which we believe to be a recipe for success. We’re very excited about the partnership and can’t wait to see what it’ll bring in the future.”

Rune Ersgard

To tell you a bit more about this great software; babelforce is a global cloud communications platform focused on no-code integration and automation. This allows the non-technical people to build even the most complex of integrated processes for customer-facing teams. I mean, who doesn’t love a no-code integration?

babelforce services are deployed in local data centers all over the world: Europe & MEA, USA & Canada, APAC. As an integration platform, babelforce has integrators and pre-built connectors covering every component type used in modern contact centers and sales organizations: CRM, ticketing, BI, ERP, Workforce management and all kinds of messaging capability. The babelforce platform also gives direct access to infrastructure and algorithmic processing capabilities.

Our future collaboration will be based on an implementation and reseller partnership, which means that we’ll be able to include babelforce in our Zendesk solutions and help our customers implement and get the most out of babelforce’s software. 

Lastly, we’re glad that the excitement about the partnership is mutual.

Here’s babelforce’s Partner Alliance Director, Pierce Buckley with a few words about

“There are two things I love about working with First, this is a team that really knows their stuff. They have done some of the largest and most complex Zendesk deployments we’ve seen. The second thing I love: they’re a lot of fun. These are folks who enjoy working on the big stuff for customers and that enthusiasm is infectious.”

Pierce Buckley
Partner Alliance Director @ babelforce

We’re looking forward to collaborating with them and to see what the future of our partnership will bring.

As one of our first partnership projects, we’re attending Call Center World Berlin from the 2nd of March to the 5th of March. So stay tuned here on the blog and our social media for more updates about that. 

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