Zendesk – all you need to know #1

Zendesk – all you need to know #1

Welcome to the first part of our short guide across Zendesk services. We want to share our experience and knowledge to make this awesome platform more familiar to you!

Handling customer service and understanding some main principles weren’t always easy. Many questions sprung to our minds once we tried. Helphouse.io will help you clear out the most important information with a simple Q&A.

What is the main purpose of customer service?

To solve issues requested by clients.

What channels are customers using?

Emailing, social media, chat, phone calls, posts, comments.

What are tickets?

All support requests from different channels.

Who are opening tickets?

Trained agents, called a submitter.

When are tickets pending?

When agents follow up on a question from the clients and are waiting for the answer.

Source: Zendesk 2017