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What is Data Protection and why do you need it for a good customer service

In today’s age, no business gets done without transferring and processing data, which can be of different types. The technological innovations of the past few decades have made it incredibly easier for organisations to collect data for their clients and customers digitally, and store it on a physical or cloud-based server. Then, the particular information can be used for the benefit of the business, such as tailoring products and services according to customer preferences.

Since millions of terabytes of data are exchanged over the internet, there is a growing need for data protection. It is also essential to help companies optimise customer service, which this article will explore in further detail.

What is Data Protection?

You may have heard how experts say that data is the world’s most valuable resource in place of oil. Undoubtedly, data is one of the biggest assets any company has, which is why data protection is the need of the hour. Plus, growing requirements for data privacy and regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have emphasised the need for protected data.

Data protection refers to the process of protecting important and sensitive information from theft, loss, vulnerabilities, and other threats. The importance of data protection hinges on two main factors: the amount of data that has been collected and the level of importance it has. If data is left unencrypted while being processed, it may be prone to hacking or breaches, which can leave sensitive information exposed to third parties.

Personal data is highly sensitive and should be protected at all costs. According to the GDPR guidelines that have been implemented recently, personal data refers to any data that

can be used to identify or draw conclusions about an individual. The regulation further states that each person should have a right to protect or conceal their information.

This also means that organisations need to protect their customers’ personally identifiable information in order to gain their trust and also foster brand loyalty.

How Does Data Protection Translate to Good Customer Service?

Some of the key pieces of data that need to be protected by a business include the following:

· Names 
· Addresses 
· Email addresses 
· Telephone numbers 
· Bank account details 
· Credit card numbers 
· Health information

The forms of data mentioned above are considered sensitive because they can be used to identify a particular individual, and some of the information can also be used to harm their credibility or steal their identity or finances.

The implementation of the GDPR caused many businesses to think that it would hinder customer service. However, apart from the compliance requirements, protecting personal data is also a way for organisations to optimise customer service operations. Let us discuss why you need data protection for good customer service.

1. It Gives Customers More Control Over Their Information

First and foremost, by protecting your customers’ personal data and complying with data protection regulations, you can ensure your customers that their information is in good hands. This way, they will not have to worry about their data being vulnerable to hacking or data breaches.

According to the GDPR guidelines, companies are liable to provide their customers with more information, including how their personal data is being handled. Once your customers understand how you are taking care of their information, they are unlikely to have any objections to you using it for analytics and business purposes.

2. It Builds Trust Among Your Clients and Customers

Today, businesses are driven by data, and data protection regulations like the GDPR enable customers to have more control over the data. Because of this, many businesses feel that their operations have been hindered as customers can opt out of sharing their data for being used and processed.

However, you simply need to foster trust among your customers so that they continue sharing their data with you. Data protection goes a long way towards convincing customers that their data is in safe hands and will not be exploited in any manner.

3. It Helps Organisations Solve Customer Issues Faster

An added benefit of data protection laws like the GDPR is that while they offer customers complete control over how their data is shared and used, they also help organisations store more relevant and updated information about their customers.

Another clause in the GDPR states that individuals have the right to demand a change in their information if it is inaccurate. Indirectly, this helps customer service representatives retrieve valuable information for their customers and resolve any complaints or issues that arise.

4. It Helps Prevent Any Losses to Customers

Last but not least, data protection is a valuable resource that not only allows organisations to protect their customers’ sensitive data, but also protects them from the consequences of their data being stolen.

As you may already know, there have been more data breaches in the past few years than in the previous decades, which has also led to damaged credibility for several businesses. Moreover, it has caused losses amounting to millions of dollars for the customers, which can be quite distressing for them. Thanks to GDPR and other data protection regulations, it has become mandatory for organisations to work harder in protecting their customer data.

Key Takeaway

Data protection is important for businesses, and it also optimises customer service. With each passing year, the amount of data being collected and processed continues to grow exponentially, which is why organisations need to emphasise protecting the data they store.

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