The value of partnerships

The value of partnerships

The digitisation process has accelerated significantly over the last year. And at a time when €˜business-as-usual€™ no longer applies and the number and speed of changes is on the increase, expectations towards modern businesses are also on the increase.

To keep your business at the forefront of the consumer’s awareness, you need to focus on the full range of customer experience. But ensuring a good customer experience demands strength, resources and the right tools.
Development, optimisation and greater complexity requires external help and input for most businesses. This is where partnering, if done correctly, can be a fantastic solution.
By entering into partnerships, you bring in external expertise, increasing the chances of achieving better conditions for an overall improvement in customer experience than the business would be able to create unassisted.

Zendesk’s CX-trends 2021 report shows that no less than 75% of customers who enjoyed a good experience will be willing to pay more for a product. But a good customer experience has become a lot more complex than just a pleasant voice on the phone.

Consumers expect a complete omnichannel experience

In line with businesses having to adapt to the new reality, in which competition for the consumer has reached new heights and is now conducted on the global stage, the modern consumer also expects a complete, fully-formed omnichannel experience. They expect: speed, channel-freedom and – most of all – 24/7 service.

To follow are some of the most popular channels used by modern consumers. 8 channels, 8 different set-ups, all of which can ideally be combined, so that a customer service operator can give a fast, simple answer, without the customer having to explain why they made contact more than once.

As we can see, one channel is no longer enough, which supports the growing complexity expected of CX systems and set-ups. This is where partnerships can provide good value, as a single system can rarely cope with all channels. At, we have joined forces with the very best partners. Partners with products that supplement ours, such as chatbots, telephone systems and feedback tools.

“Building on our partnership with, we plan to deploy many more great experiences for enterprise clients. The consistent rise in customer expectations means that many of our clients need reliable implementation partners like to design, optimize and maintain processes. This is, for us, the real value in partnerships – having a partner who supplements your own product and empowers you to deliver the best possible solution to your own clients.” 

-Pierce Buckley, Partner Alliance Director at babelforce

Good partners bring that little extra spice to our customer solutions.

We’ve teamed up with the best of the best, to be able to offer our customers the complete omnichannel solution, and to introduce the partners relevant to a given project very early in our interface with the customer.

When we hold workshops with existing or potential customers, and encounter any blind spots (areas in which the customer has a specific requirement expected of the solution), we bring in the most suitable partner. That partner has to have the necessary expertise within the area, to ensure the customer feels comfortable with us bringing them in.

Forming partnerships is nothing new for us. We formed our first partner relationship in 2019, since when the number has grown.

“We have not always been able to make the most of partnerships. It’s not as easy it seems to be. To get the most out of a partnership requires hard work, respect and mutual determination. We€™ve learned that over the years, and our customers can now benefit while we reap the rewards from our partnerships.”

-Rune Ersgard, CCO at

Given our position as “Customer Experience Experts”, our customers expect us to take care of the entire process, which is why we only join forces with the very best.
We bring in expertise in areas where we may lack the necessary know-how, giving us the opportunity of being able to solve the customer’s problem, see new perspectives, and to develop and acquire even more new knowledge for ourselves. That’s why we appreciate our partners so much, we have this one rule that goes for all of our partnerships:

“We cannot not waste each other’s time”

We will introduce our partners one-by-one during the next weeks, so that you can get to know them, and see whether they have the skills your business could make good use of. Or if you think you could help us to help our customers via a partnership, contact us, and let’s talk.

Meet our partners here