The power of automation in customer service

The power of automation in customer service

By Karen Bartel, Solvemate

Making customers happy is the unquestioned goal of every customer service. But what about the happiness of service agents? Some tasks in customer service can be monotonous and time-consuming although they are not that hard. Of course, work is no fun all the time, but it should be something meaningful that you love and that fulfils you. What if there was a way to make everyone happy at once: customers and service agents? 

You don’t have to hold your breath. Of course, there’s a way. It’s called customer service automation. Automation means taking care of your customers – and your service team. Automation is empowerment. 💪  Here’s why:

#1 More time for impactful work 

Time is a non-renewable resource so you should make the most of it. Saving time and being able to handle more requests by automating your customer service processes is one side of the medal. On the flip side, you gain a valuable amount of time during the day which you can dedicate to what really matters: delivering a great service experience. Automation gives your human agents more breathing space within which they can act differently. 

By adding an automated self-service option like a chatbot to your website and app you have a team member on the frontline that takes care of the easily solvable and repetitive requests. This allows your agents to tend towards the more complex issues which require more empathy and expert knowledge. Taking care of customers this way is more meaningful and motivational than to desert in monotony – day in and out.

#2 Smooth and frustration-free handovers between channels

Having an efficient automated self-service channel that is well integrated into your CRM is the key to unlocking a frictionless service experience for your customers – and agents. Finding the right automation integrations is like completing a puzzle with the missing pieces. Before, the greater picture was looking okay, but some parts were lacking a connection, leaving a gap in the whole system. Automation fills those.

If a chatbot is not able to solve a customer’s problem, an agent can take over via live chat or phone call. Ideally, this happens within the same widget to make the transition as smooth as possible. Everybody wins when knowledge is stored and shared in an automated service environment: The customer is happy that they don’t have to explain their problem again and the agent can get right to the problem-solving part. Less frustration on both ends which will hopefully result in an everlasting cycle of happiness. Pay it forward.

#3 The right help at the right time

One of the most significant benefits of customer service automation is its impact on the customer service funnel. As your customer service team probably pursues an omnichannel approach, it is easy for customers to get lost in all these channels. Applying the right type of help via the right channel at the right time will do wonders. Don’t let your customers wander freely, guide them towards your preferred channel. Prioritizing your existing channels and adding automation will help you manage your customers’ requests more efficiently and strategically.

An excellent customer service strategy will put self-service channels first and seamlessly link them with prioritized channels that are staffed by service representatives. Creating a customer service funnel featuring automation ensures a smooth service experience. In the end, it is all about getting your customers the help they need at every stage of their journey.

Learn how to manage your omnichannel presence strategically and guide your customers the right way through your service funnel.

#4 Improved customer relationships

Dedicating more of your service teams’ time to help solve your customers’ individual problems will nurture your relationships. Show them you care about them. Introduce automated self-service as self-help to offer your customers an instant contact point and a possibility to solve their problems quickly. With the power of AI, a chatbot can serve an endless amount of people at the same time. In a world of instant gratification, people don’t like to wait. Use automation to your advantage and increase your customer satisfaction.

With automation, you empower your customers. With a chatbot, they are able to solve easy requests on their own, anytime they want. It’s like a magic wand. And if your chatbot is well integrated in your CRM, there’s a higher chance that customers will find what they were looking for. But you also give power to your service agents through automation. Tickets can be more easily processed, documentation is facilitated and customer requests can be handled in a smarter way. This allows for meaningful conversations between customers and service agents that help build better relationships.

Ready for customer service automation?

Empowerment through automation is part of the service experience you provide which gets you ahead of your competitors. It does not only let you shift your valuable time from monotonous tasks to meaningful conversations but helps you guide your customers through your service channel in a smooth and frustration-free manner giving you room to build and strengthen your customer relationships.

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