Pipedrive 2.0 for Zendesk Released

Pipedrive 2.0 for Zendesk Released

This week we released our Pipedrive 2.0 integration for Zendesk, which makes it even more easier to manage sales activities directly from Zendesk with just a few clicks. 


The new and improved Pipedrive 2.0 integration for Zendesk comes with a lot of requested features, which will save you a lot of time and clicks. Some of the highlighted features:

  • View and create deals
  • View and create activities
  • View and create leads
  • View and create organizations

So with this new Pipedrive 2.0 integration for Zendesk you’ll be sure to never miss a deal again. It is the ultimate timesaver if you’re using both Zendesk and Pipedrive.

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A special release for helphouse.io

This Pipedrive 2.0 release is special for us, since Pipedrive 1.0 actually was the very first app that we launched in Zendesk Marketplace. Working with apps for Zendesk has opened up a new area for us. We’re all about helping companies achieving an effortless digital customer experience and making apps for Zendesk is going very along with that vision, so it was definitely the right call.

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then and we have released many more apps, hired a bunch of awesome people and moved to a bigger office.

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At helphouse.io we have the house full of experts that can give you the right guidance to get the full potential out of Zendesk help desk. We’re working with some of the biggest brands on improving their customer service and can for sure help yours too.

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