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No more guesswork – data will keep you in the know

Data is king. Data is the new gold. Data is a more valuable resource than oil. You are probably familiar with these bold statements already. And if you work with customer experience, you probably also know how true they actually ring. Utilised correctly, data can indeed be put to great use, but it can also be difficult to process and handle, let alone protect.

In this joint blog post with content by and, we dive into that treacherous sea of data to uncover the potentials and pitfalls of data.

The future of automation? Customer-focused, data-driven.

“Data is the backbone of automation. It defines your automation opportunities. It helps you create the best conversations with your customers. Data takes the guesswork out of your automation goals.”

– Reetu Kainulainen, CEO and Co-founder,

In 2021, customers have grown to not only appreciate, but to expect a seamless customer experience. And automation is the key to fulfilling these expectations, with email ticketing and chat leading the way. For CX professionals, omnichannel communication has become the norm, and personalisation continues to reign supreme when it comes to truly making customers feel heard.

The best way to optimise both? By drawing on data. How can you find data that is both up to date and unique to your industry? By listening to your customers. The best way to listen? By using conversational AI to analyse and refine your customer conversations.

Anticipate your customers€™ needs with Ultimate’s Conversational AI

With Ultimate’s Impact Report, you can leverage previous support requests to see what your customers€™ most pressing needs are, and create a data-driven roadmap of what to automate first.

Not only that, the AI can also use your current CX team’s performance data to calculate the impact of automation on your chat duration and estimated average response rates. To get started, just connect your CRM to your dashboard. Then, lean back as the AI keeps your virtual agents€™ performance in check and trains it to new heights. You will benefit from higher deflection rates, more accurate dialogues, and smoother customer experiences in no time. Yes, it’s that easy. Get in touch with Ultimate to get a FREE Impact Report Analysis.

With great data comes great responsibility

So far, we have indeed established how vital and valuable customer data is. For that reason alone, protecting your data should be fundamental. Another obvious reason, of course, is data protection legislation and the concern for your customers’ privacy and their personal information.

Since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation in the EU and several other similar local regulations across the world, data protection is high on the agendas of both authorities and responsible data processing businesses. At the same time, customers are getting more and more aware of their privacy rights. Moreover, astronomical fines have been issued to companies who have failed to comply.

Therefore, the responsibility of proper and secure data processing and handling weighs heavier than ever. Without the right set-up and tools, utilising customer data for scaling and optimising your company can be very troublesome and time-consuming. Impossible, even, in some cases.

More data, anyone?

As soon as you launch a website, set up a company email, create social media profiles for your business, and start selling products or services or simply engage with your customers, data will slowly begin to accumulate. More sales, more customers, more data. Sign up, purchase, repeat.

Yes, data is useful for many purposes such as analyses, statistics, forecasting, etc. Too much data, however, can be stressful – it is difficult to manage, store, and compute to locate the information you need. Conversely, a lack of data can be painful because it is like navigating in darkness. So, what is the right amount of data?

There is no simple answer to that question. Sure, there is some sort of critical mass needed to be able to actually utilise data. But instead of focussing on the amount, let us look at a far more relevant factor: The type of data. What information do you require before you can employ your data strategically? Often, specific, personal and potentially sensitive information is not necessary when viewing the data from the helicopter. In fact, an estimated 99 % of all new data is never used, analysed, or transformed.

The ideal solution would be to filter away all that is irrelevant, and desensitise sensitive information while maintaining a complete, statistical overview, and the ability to derive valuable insights. The ideal solution is

No hassle, no worries, just automated compliance is your new compliance officer. It is an intelligent bot that we at have developed for automated, hassle-free compliance and privacy policy adherence when it comes to data management in Zendesk.

All the data you need is available for analyses and statistics, etc., while all personal and sensitive information is anonymised following rules and filters determined by you. These criteria can be based on your organisation’s own privacy policy – including your security clearances – local data protection legislation, or other important factors.

You can also define which tickets should go through, when and how often. Once you have told what to do, the bot works seamlessly in the background 24/7, ensuring full compliance.

Besides not needing any coffee breaks ever, requires no coding. The bot can be set up right out of the box, if only it came in a box. It does not. Instead, you get a login to a user-friendly interface where you can configure and manage across all your Zendesk instances. even offers a secure backup solution for all your valuable customer data. The bot only anonymises, desensitises, and protects your information. Nothing is deleted by unless you instruct it to do so.

Partnerships are much like data – very useful

Although teaming up with a bot like is a good idea in terms of data security and easy compliance, it probably does not qualify as a partnership as such. At, we value partnerships a great deal and find them to be just as useful as data when it comes to growing or optimising. In fact, strategic partnerships can often speed up the process.

Collaborating with complementary businesses in a strategic partnership is like expanding your expertise, knowledge, and resources. This will not happen overnight, of course, but in the long run as ties grow deeper, the value will rise. Again, much like data, a partnership can offer insights and pave the way for success.Our partnership with is a brilliant example of that.

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