Integrate Google My Business with Zendesk Support

Integrate Google My Business with Zendesk Support

Pay attention to what your customers say on Google

Too many companies don’t pay attention to their reviews and what is being said on Google about them or only react if the customers are saying something bad.

Though, if you’re in customer service, you should know that retaining and nurturing your current customers pays off – which means you should pay attention when your customers say something nice about you!

Just paint this picture in your head;

You go to a physical shoe store and buy a pair of shoes. You’re happy and satisfied and want to compliment the cashier for it. You tell the cashier that he did a really good job in guiding you and really appreciate the help.

The cashier ignores it, looks the other way and starts working on something else.

Sounds bizarre? Well, that’s what you’re doing online, when you’re leaving reviews or questions unanswered.

Get it into your workflow in Zendesk (automatically)

So, now that we’ve decided that it’s a good idea to reply to all reviews and questions you have to get it into your agents workflow.

Luckily, it’s not that difficult with Zendesk. The Google My Business Channel for Zendesk Support enables you to get reviews and questions into Zendesk as tickets, so you can reply to them directly from Zendesk Support without leaving Zendesk and without having to check for new reviews and questions all the time.

To get even more efficient we recommend that you create a view in Zendesk Support for customer reviews only, so you can gather all of your reviews from different platforms (e.g. Trustpilot, Google etc.) in one view. That way, you can easily prioritize which inquiries that should get your attention.

Try it out 

You can try out the Google My Business Channel for Zendesk Support free of charge. Just go to Zendesk Marketplace and start your 14-day trial. If you cancel within the trial period, you won’t be charged.

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