How to make customer service succeed?

How to make customer service succeed?

Customer service itself is an important part of the company. Nowadays understanding customer needs and providing support is a key for long lasting and loyal relationships. However, expectations of clients are growing. Continue reading and find out, what you can do to fulfill their expectation.

Make the Right Channels and the Right Time

There is a lot of available channels for customers to contact the company, the key is to use modern knowledge solution and optimise content retrieval. Furthermore, organisations must follow up with modern technologies and use virtual agents and chatbots cleverly. Channels are having different time-based features. Some can have familiar communication patterns to simplify the process, however – for example chat and messaging. Solving issues with multichannel tools should become a standard procedure for customer service. It means customers are able to solve their problem by calling, messaging, chating, or e-mailing etc.

Digitize Established Process

Tracking clients’ behaviour and analysing it can bring a lot of benefits for further development of the customer service. Collecting insights can give an overview of where to invest more time and information on how to increase productivity and the quality of the service.

Implement Innovative Labour Model

Business agility is an important factor, customers are expecting more from service providers. The best solution is to look at innovative labour model to meet the real-time demand for agents.

Automate Processes

Time is the strongest value – for the customer and the agents. To fulfil the demand, it’s necessary to automate every possible process.
Organisations must:

  1. Leverage process guidance
  2. Add robotic process automation (RPA)
  3. and explore agent-facing virtual agents 

Overall, the goal is to provide valuable customer service without wasting the time.

Add Artificial Intelligence 

Technology allows the use of AI that can learn, process, analyse, and more. It is a great tool to make operations smarter and solve issues faster. Machine-learning algorithms can bring new light to the customer service and generate answers for questions human did not even think to ask. The needed steps of companies are to be able to react to the modernisation of society – new devices, new channels, and new innovations. Here the point is to keep balance between automatisation and intelligence by using traditional and new technologies. Smart usage of available sources will set agents free from low-value or repetitive tasks and let them keep focus on unusual and more complicated cases.

There is much more to discover! Customer service is an amazing and interesting topic and gathered knowledge can be a great tool in your future business!

Source: Forrester 2017