and the Pipedrive app - the beginning of a success story and the Pipedrive app – the beginning of a success story

Starting today’s Pipedrive integration for Zendesk is available in the Zendesk App Marketplace and is ready to help you serve customers and sales pipeline from the same platform.

Customer relation management has never been easier. The Pipedrive app is’s first official Zendesk product in a series of Zendesk apps scheduled for 2017. and Zendesk’s friendship is growing rapidly and expected to yield a Premium Partnership by the end of 2017. Surely a reason to celebrate, but it’s also the fruit of hard work and great decision making according to CSO Carsten Falborg:

“We have worked hard to achieve this, and we are proud of Zendesk recognizing’s effort. We are looking forward to providing Zendesk with new features and helping a fast-growing global community of companies to smarter and faster customer management.”

Zendesk apps are a relatively new phenomenon, but with a huge potential. This year Zendesk will reach 600 apps globally. This figure is expected to double by 2018.

Leading Zendesk experts

Demand for Zendesk experts is rising in line with the platform’s exponential growth, spawning a flow of platform consultants driving implementations for companies, but are the top of the game. The reason for this is’s unique combination of implementation and development skills. According to the CSO, Carsten Falborg, the double skillset makes it easy for the companies to choose a Zendesk partner:

“We found a golden recipe. Large corporations sees a clear advantage in teaming up with consultants who are able to realise the full potential of Zendesk and at the same having the experience of implementation. keeps getting more insights when developing new integrations. Everybody wins.”’s next integration to Zendesk is already set for release within the next couple of months and Carsten Falborg expects a total revenue somewhere between two and four million DKK in 2017. In other words, the Zendesk business is thriving in even though the company has only existed for a few months in its current form.

Read more about’s services on our website and try the Pipedrive integration at the Zendesk Marketplace.

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