Exciting Launches from Zendesk

Exciting Launches from Zendesk


For the last couple of days the conference Zendesk Relate18 has been going on and Zendesk released some pretty exciting news, at least if you’re in the sales business. Not long ago Zendesk announced that they’d bought the CRM company Base, to make a software that’s tailored for salespeople. And now the time has come.

Say hello to Zendesk Sell and Zendesk Sunshine.

Freedom with Zendesk Sunshine

Today, most companies have information about the customer hidden in many different tools. This complicates the workflow for the support agent. They have to tab around many different tools, to get pieces of information, which can be a difficult process and also gives a bad experience for the customer since valuable information might fly by unnoticed.

Zendesk Sunshine solves this issue. It gives you a perfect overview of all the information you need to solve your customers’ issue’s, even before they know it. This enhances the experience for the customer, but also the support agent, that has to use less time tumbling around in all your tools.

The core of Zendesk Sunshine is that it works in the background of all your Zendesk products and only shows when convenient. 

Lets dig into the coolest features down below


With the Profiles feature Zendesk Sunshine enables you to get basic information about the customer like phone number, email, time zone, -and language. But this is just the start.

Because Zendesk Sunshine is an open platform, you can pull in data from all your applications. That way you can see information about the customer across systems, all from the ticket. 


Events is a powerful feature that gives you a quick and full overview of all the interactions that your customer has gone through. This gives the customer service a headstart when solving an issue.

If you’re an e-commerce imagine that you get a ticket from a customer and you’re instantly able to see all the information about the buying behavior-, whether the customer made a bad review or how many times the customer called you before.


With Objects, you are able to pull in real-time data about the products your customers have from you.

Imagine that you’re selling electricity and a customer writes to you about a bill. The customer service reps will instantly have access about the usage, which makes it easier and more quick to solve the customer’s issue.

Imagine The Flows – We Make Them Happen

The Zendesk Sunshine solution is helpful in so many ways that we don’t have enough space here to cover all the things it’s able to. But basically, it opens up for almost any workflow you can think of.

At helphouse.io we’re specialized in optimizing your customer service and as Zendesk Premier Solution Provider, we’re experts in using Zendesk and developing time-saving workflows. If you’re interested in hearing more about Zendesk Sunshine or Zendesk Sell, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Zendesk Sell. A Sales Force Automation Tool

Zendesk Sell is the answer to a sales force automation tool that has all the features you require from a sales tool.

It has a beautiful interface and comes with an intuitive design, which makes it easy to create an overview that enables your salespeople to use more time selling and less time on administrative tasks.

We’ve collected some core features here.

Reports and Dashboards

With Zendesk Sell you can easily setup dashboards that measure all the key metrics. This gives a clear overview of how things are going, backed up by real data. No more guessing, you have the data to proof you’re doing a great job.

Predict The Future

With Zendesk Sell you can even predict the future. It has a forecasting feature that, based on upcoming and previous events, can predict when your sales are happening and can estimate the conversion rate from lead to sale.

That makes it easier to set realistic goals for the whole team and the team members individually.

Lead Scoring

As a salesperson, it can be difficult to know which customers you should focus on.

With lead scoring Zendesk Sell creates a prioritized list that defines which leads are hot and which ones that need a bit extra nurturing.

Keep track with Customer Management

It can be a hassle to keep track of all your leads in an excel sheet. That’s why you should use a sales tool like Zendesk Sell.It saves all the information you have on a customer, in one single place. Upload relevant documents, automate actions like calls, messages and more from the same interface.

Works with Mobile

Zendesk Sell works seamlessly across all devices and comes with an app for mobile. You and your sales team can easily get a quick overview of the current status, create new meetings in the in-app calendar or communicate with your sales team or prospects.

You don’t even have to be online to access the app, as it works offline too.

If you’re curious about Zendesk Sell, feel free to get in touch with us. You can also read more about the sales automation tool here.