Event: Artificial Intelligence and the future of customer service

Event: Artificial Intelligence and the future of customer service

It was an amazing experience to organise an event with Zendesk and IT-Branchen! We had a great time learning about artificial intelligence and the future of customer service. But nothing would have happened if it wasn’t for the awesome audience! Thanks to all attendees for showing and being a part of the event. The amazing atmosphere at Fynsk Erhverv was fulfilled by interesting presentations by helphouse.io, Zendesk and TV 2.


After everyone got their hands on a refreshment the event set off. The main topic of the first presentation was exploring; “What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Assistance?” by Carsten Falborg from helphouse.io. After a short break we had the pleasure to meet Kristian Petersen form TV 2, he showed us the benefits of Zendesk and Artificial Intelligence as part of the customer service at the company. The last speech by Thomas Olsen from Zendesk was a brilliant summary: Staying human in an AI world.

After the presentations we had time to mingle, discuss and share opinions. Being the host of an event like this and bringing people together from many different businesses was an awesome experience, and we will be sure to do it again in the future!

Again, we would like to officially say thank you to Zendesk and IT-Branchen for being co-organisers and to TV2 for the presentation.