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Boost Your Customer Service with these 5 Zendesk Apps

As businesses have become largely competitive all over the world, there is a race among companies to provide top-quality customer service to their buyers and subscribers. Such is the case that companies who might not have the best product in the market but are always available for their customers tend to have more sales than those who spend all their efforts and resources into building a world-class product.

Basically, people love to be heard, and they need to be catered to at their convenience, not at the company’s. If you have a customer service department available only during business hours and weekdays, you are likely losing out on a considerable portion of the market share.

Providing customer service on your customers’ terms involves being available across multiple channels. If this means your agents need to use several independent apps to communicate with the customers, the job quickly becomes unnecessarily complicated.

If your company makes use of Zendesk for its customer support operations, then you are in luck. This article covers some of the best and most useful Zendesk apps by that help companies serve their customers better while making customer service less complicated.


Instagram has become one of the largest social media platforms in the past few years, and it has surpassed other networks in providing exposure and reach to businesses, both big and small. If your company has an Instagram profile, theInstagram app for Zendesk is a crucial tool for your business.

Use the Instagram app to integrate your business profile with Zendesk’s top-quality 24-7 support system. This allows customers to experience faster processing of their queries and complaints. On the support side, agents can view Instagram comments as tickets and quickly respond to them through the Zendesk app.


Hundreds of thousands of businesses use HubSpot to manage their sales and marketing operations, and now you can also integrate your customer service into the fold with theHubSpot app for Zendesk. The app facilitates better data sharing and processing, thus helping you to ensure better collaboration between the sales, marketing, and support teams.

With this app, you can easily view and create contacts, companies, processes, transactions, etc. Moreover, agents can access the HubSpot platform through Zendesk without the need for a HubSpot account. Plus, admins can control how much information is visible to the customer support agents and their authority. Lastly, the HubSpot app for Zendesk offers a seamless interface with drag-and-drop functionality.

Google Business Profile

Another fantastic Zendesk app that you can use is theGoogle Business Profile app, which gives you a centralised view for both platforms. By using this app, you can increase the productivity of your customer support team, as they can monitor and manage everything from one place.

With this Zendesk app, you can ensure that your company reviews on Google Business Profile are shown to your agents as tickets in Zendesk Support, and they can also respond to these reviews from the app. This provides them with a smooth and simple workflow with real-time communication, further enhancing the customer experience.

Plus, you can easily add multiple locations to the Google My Business app for Zendesk, and it also treats any community questions as tickets so that nothing goes unnoticed.

For an even better overview, you can use the new feature that allows you to create reports in Zendesk Explore based on reviews value. This app lets you access, react and analyse the performance of your Google Business Profile in one place.

Better Views

If you are an existing user of Zendesk apps, you would be delighted with theBetter Views app for Zendesk, which gives you more freedom and control over how you run your customer service operations. Plus, it provides you with a robust and user-friendly platform that you can easily customise according to your business requirements.

The Better Views app for Zendesk enables you to arrange your views in a more organised manner than you would in the Zendesk app. It gives you the ability to organise your tree structure and define the relationship between different views, making the overall view much more comprehensible to your customer service team.

In Zendesk Support, you have a limited number of views that you can use. However, when you get the Better Views app for Zendesk, you are able to receive an unlimited number of views. Therefore, your customer service agents get a better workflow, accelerating the overall operations of your business. As a result, your customers also experience faster response and issue resolution times.


Pipedrive is a cloud-based customer relationship management solution that helps to optimise your sales and marketing operations and also carry out seamless account management, call and email tracking, schedule synchronisation, and cross-platform compatibility. If you are using both Pipedrive and Zendesk for your business, you can fuse them into one with thePipedrive app for Zendesk.

With the app, your Pipedrive CRM platform and Zendesk Support get merged into a single dashboard usable to your sales and marketing teams as well as customer support teams. Moreover, it facilitates better collaboration between the two, thus offering better customer service for your end-users and buyers.

The Pipedrive app for Zendesk allows your customer support agents to access Pipedrive functions and features despite not having a licence to the account. This way, agents can perform several tasks, which previously would have had to be sent to the sales team, without having to buy more licences. Not only is the Pipedrive app very practical, but it is also economical.

You can use the Pipedrive app for Zendesk to create tickets to add or modify contacts, companies, deals, or activities in the CRM platform. Moreover, it allows you to customise the view to show only those fields that are relevant to your business.

Zendesk Apps to Fuel Your Customer Service

These are some of the best Zendesk apps that allow you to eliminate the need of managing several different platforms or dashboards. These Zendesk apps are designed to work on several devices and operating systems, which means that you will not have to make any concessions or spend money on new equipment. Apart from these, there are many Zendesk apps from that you can use to optimise your company’s operations. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help streamline your customer service.

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