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7 Zendesk Apps to Enhance Your Customer Service

Customer service is the indispensable link between a company and its customers and is essential to the success of almost any business. Even if your product is not unique, but you are responsive and available to your buyers, you will be able to enjoy a lion’s share of the revenue. However, there is often a disconnect between the sales and customer support teams, mainly because they are working on different applications and have no common ground on which to collaborate.

Thanks to helphouse.io and our wide range of helpful and user-friendly Zendesk apps, the problem is solved. We offer a great number of solutions that help sales and marketing platforms integrate with customer support applications – and via one centralised dashboard at that.We also introduce you to the app created by our partner – ultimate.ai, it’s a powerful automation solution. Without further ado, let’s have a look at how the following Zendesk apps enhance your customer service.


There is no doubt that Shopify is one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms in the world, and it is powering hundreds of thousands of small and large businesses through its incredibly robust platforms. Now, you can help your sales team fuse better with customer support through the Shopify app for Zendesk.

With the Shopify app for Zendesk, you can not only integrate your sales and customer support operations in one place, but you can also enhance the customer experience, while making your employees more productive and efficient. The app allows your agents to address customer inquiries, complaints, requests, and any type of message faster, as they will have all essential information available in Zendesk.

When interacting with customers, your support agents will have access to their profiles from the Shopify platform, as well as their order history, prior complaints, contact information, and everything else they need to generate a faster response and proactively solve the customers’ problems.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Cloud storage has revolutionised the way we do business and store data, and Google Drive is one of the pioneers in this regard. Not only does it provide you with seamless connectivity and the ability to access your data from any part of the world, but it also ensures that your business does not experience any downtime due to a lack of access.

The Google Drive app for Zendesk is specially designed to allow your customer support agents to access important files and data, while also being able to upload files without having to leave Zendesk. This reduces the time spent switching between different apps and helps agents provide faster and better customer service.

Once you activate the Google Drive app for Zendesk, your storage will become one with your Zendesk Support. You can upload, attach, and download files to and from Google Drive by generating a ticket in Zendesk Support.



E-conomic is a widely used accounting program that many businesses use to keep track of their finances. Thanks to the E-conomic app for Zendesk, your customer service agents can access vital financial information and records needed in order to solve customer problems in a better and more efficient manner.

This Zendesk app offers your agents direct access to invoices, payment methods, records, orders, and much more. Therefore, they do not have to leave the Zendesk Support app to fetch this information, which could significantly reduce the customer response time.

Required Fields

Required Fields

One of the biggest issues in customer service operations is when customer support agents miss out on important data or a required field, mainly because they are unfocused due to the constant switching between apps and continuous communication with customers. Thankfully, all that can change with the Required Fields app for Zendesk.

Whenever a ticket is created, edited, or closed, it should hold the right data every time. The Required Fields app for Zendesk makes it easier for customer support agents to determine which fields are mandatory, leaving no room for error or omission. This way, your agents will no longer have to modify each ticket themselves or fill out an empty field, and this would likely take quite a burden off their shoulders.

Unassign & Logout

Unassign & Logout

Usually, when customer service agents have unaddressed tickets at the end of the day, the tickets need to be marked as unassigned. Otherwise, you may risk them being lost to oblivion, causing your customers to be highly unsatisfied and possibly leave a bad review. Now, you no longer have to worry about that, thanks to the Unassign & Logout app for Zendesk.

The Unassign & Logout app for Zendesk allows your customer service agents to mark all unanswered tickets as unassigned in just one click and move them to the group, so that they can be addressed the very next day. This saves the agent a lot of time and also ensures that the pending customer inquiries are dealt with in a reasonable amount of time. Moreover, unanswered tickets will automatically be reassigned to available agents the next working day.



Finally, one of the best Zendesk apps by helphouse.io is the Puzzel app for Zendesk, which allows you to manage your calls from the Puzzel platform via your Zendesk Support application. This useful integration enables your customer service agents to gather crucial data from incoming and outgoing calls without having to leave the Zendesk Support window.

Through the Puzzel app for Zendesk, you will be able to deliver a high-quality customer experience. It offers automatic ticket creation based on information gathered from Puzzel calls, and also works with a landline, softphone, and mobile phone. Moreover, you can easily make outbound calls, automatically put a caller on hold while consulting another agent, and also manage call queues in a better way.



Run the CS Automation Explorer by Ultimate to estimate your automation potential and discover the impact that AI could have on your customer support. Connect the CS Automation Explorer to your Zendesk CRM to receive a customized report that will help you understand your individual contact reasons, their potential for automation, and how well the automation will perform once you go live

Improve Your Customer Service with Zendesk Apps by helphouse.io

Undoubtedly, these six Zendesk apps help make your customer service operations better. Thanks to helphouse.io and our wonderful team of specialists, you can ensure improved collaboration between your customer service and sales and marketing teams, and the end result is an overall improved customer experience. Get in touch to learn

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