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5 Signs That Your Zendesk Instance Needs Optimisation

With customer expectations on the rise, providing excellent customer experience can be a deal breaker for your business. A platform that many businesses rely on in order to achieve that is Zendesk. It can significantly influence your team’s productivity and overall client satisfaction. However, just having Zendesk at your disposal is not enough – making sure it’s optimised to its full potential is key.

Here are five signs that your Zendesk instance might not be operating at its best and some potential solutions:

Decreased Agent Efficiency:

If your agents seem to be working at a slower pace than usual, it might be a sign that your Zendesk instance is not properly optimised. Leveraging Zendesk Explore, the platform’s reporting system, can help you identify problem areas and measure ticket cycles. By fine-tuning the system to cater to your agents’ workflow, you can enhance their efficiency and reduce turnaround time on tickets.

Stressed and Overworked Agents:

An overworked support team is rarely a productive one. If your agents are experiencing issues like too much processing, inadequate data, or having to navigate through too many systems, it’s time to reassess your Zendesk setup. Implementing macros, triggers, and automations that align with your workflows can save time and reduce frustration. Remember, a happy agent translates to a happy customer.

Challenging Navigation Through the Instance:

Your Zendesk account should be easy to navigate. If it’s not, or if you find yourself uncertain about the basics of how the account is set up, it’s an indication that your Zendesk needs some work. Ensure you’re familiar with the navigation, or reach out to experts who can assist you with optimising the setup.

Disorganised Triggers:

Triggers are a powerful feature of Zendesk, allowing for automated actions based on specific conditions. However, a lack of organisation can make them more of an obstacle than a help. If you have hundreds of triggers and struggle to identify what each does at first glance, it’s time to revisit their organisation. Ensure that each trigger is appropriately named, prioritised, and that new ones don’t contradict the existing ones.

Usage of Third-Party Services Outside of Zendesk:

Relying on external third-party services for tasks that can be accomplished within Zendesk may suggest a lack of awareness about the platform’s capabilities. By exploring Zendesk’s vast array of apps and integrations, you can potentially streamline your operations and increase efficiency and simplify tasks for your agents. It’s worth spending time to explore Zendesk’s in-built functionalities to minimise the use of outside services.

Even the best tools need to be properly tuned to your unique needs to ensure they deliver the best results. If any of these signs sound familiar, it might be time to give your Zendesk instance a much-needed analysis and optimisation. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing any of these issues, or would like to know how to elevate your customer experience.