Old fashioned, in a modern solution

Even in a world full of Artificial Intelligence, Bots, Machine Learning and other cool things, talking to a real support agent is still the preferred channel for many of your customers.

Zendesk Talk provides you with the opportunity to take the good old way of talking to your customers and implement it in a modern solution.

That way you can focus on providing awesome service to your customers.

Everything required. Right from your browser

With Zendesk Talk you can manage everything from your browser via the Zendesk interface that you already now.

Zendesk Talk has all the basic features we know you require. On top of that, it has a lot of advanced features as well, so you definitely won’t run low on the levels of features.

Inbound, outbound. Doesn’t matter. Zendesk Talk got your back.


Don’t throw around with your customers

You know the struggle. You’re calling a company and keeps getting thrown between agents. That’s not good customer service.

With IVR Software and skill-based routing, you can easily connect your customers to the right agents from the start.

That increases the customer experience, hence your agents' efficiency. What’s not to like?

Monitoring and Reporting

Zendesk Talk provides you with real-time dashboards that give you the most crucial information, such as waiting queue, wait time, hold time, abandoned calls and a lot more.

This makes it easy to make fast decisions and adapt, in order to meet the demands of your customers.


It’s really reliable

With Zendesk Talk you don’t have to worry about outages. It’s highly unlikely, but should it happen that you experience an outage, you can set up failovers, so it automatically forwards the call to an alternate number.

That gives you less time to worry, and more time to providing awesome customer service.

Let’s Talk

Implementing Talk is not hard, but it can be difficult to tailor it to you and your customer's specific needs. We can help you with that.

Buy licenses from us and let us help you with implementation and customization.

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