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With our Zendesk Guide Themes, you now have a wide range of themes to choose from. Find the one you like best and implement it directly to your Zendesk Guide. Customize it with colors, fonts, buttons, add-ons, etc. so it fits your exact brand and needs. 

Our helphouse.io Guide Themes are designed by our very experienced solution architects and graphic designers. This means that all the themes are of the best quality, both aesthetically and functionally, which will create the best self-help conditions.

They are easy to implement, and all you have to do is add your own information to the template. You'll be able to customize the themes to fit your brand - all without any coding. Super easy! And most importantly - it's incredibly easy to navigate, so your customers will be able to quickly find the answers to their questions.


Scive Guide Theme 

Scive is a modern and well-featured Zendesk Guide theme with a special focus on taking the community to new heights.

It is super intuitive, contains many awesome features that support all Zendesk Guide functions and can easily be customized to fit your brand identity

The theme is built with the community in mind and so it allows you to display community content such as topics and posts as well as information and statistics about your community directly on the home page for easy access.

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Ourfeed Guide Theme 

Our focus while making this theme was to make a full-featured Help Center suitable for a SaaS company. 

The intuitive design seamlessly navigates the user from the homepage to the solution that they need. 

The main features in this theme are header navigation, expandable search bar, including drop-down suggestions, and a variety of article elements such as a colored table, bullet lists, numbered lists, etc.

Colors, text, font, pictures, etc., can all be customized to perfectly fit your brand. 

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Cool Wear Guide Theme 

With an e-commerce in mind, we created this theme in a simplistic design that looks great and is easy to navigate.

It creates a very intuitive user experience, and customers can easily navigate and find the answers they need.

The Cool Wear Guide Theme can be customized to fit your brand identity. Both colors, pictures, fonts are customizable. 

The theme also includes a bunch of customizable features such as notification banners, a cookie banner, customizable sidebar, social icons, and all text can be dynamic content. 

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