Optimize your Zendesk with helphouse.io

There are many ways to optimize your customer support through Zendesk. The best fit for you really depends on the size of your company, your industry and your specific needs.

We therefore always encourage you to get in touch with us, so we can specify it together.

To get you a better understanding of what we're doing, take a look at the range of our services down below.


Zendesk Analysis

Zendesk out of the box is easy to use. But if you want to tailor it specifically to your needs, it can be tricky.

That’s why we offer to make a full analysis of your current Zendesk solution with suggestions on how to improve, based on best practice solutions.


1. End to end

By getting access to your Zendesk we go through it from end to end.

We’re taking a look at how you’re using Zendesk now and how you can get the full potential out of your Zendesk solution by using best practice solutions.


2. Optimized action-plan

With the Zendesk Analysis in hands, you get a full and tailored list of time-saving actions that we suggest you implement in order to improve your workflows and your general customer service.

You can choose to implement it yourself or get us to do it.


3. Implementation

When the analysis is done, you have time to review it and share your thoughts.

When we find a suitable agreement we begin the implementation of the improvements tailored to your company.

After that? Lean back and enjoy watching your KPI’s improve.

Training in Zendesk

We use our broad experience and expert status in Zendesk to train your agents and admins, so they become experts too.


Agent Training

We train your agents in our best practice techniques, so they become more efficient in your Zendesk help desk.

This will give them the right tools to make your customers satisfied.


Admin Training

We train your admins in Zendesk, so they become your in-house Zendesk Experts.

They will gain the needed knowledge to run a more complex Zendesk instance and educate new employees in Zendesk.


Agent Shadowing

A Zendesk Expert will visit and look your agents over the shoulders.

They will note how things are done now, and suggest improvements on how to implement time-saving workflows, that will also benefit your customers.

Zendesk Customization

The opportunities within Zendesk are enormous. We’ll make sure you get the most out of your Zendesk solution.


Setting up the basics

Zendesk out of the box is easy. But setting up all the basics can be tough.

If you’re new to Zendesk, we can help you set up all the basic stuff, like triggers, automations, views, groups and such on.

This makes sure you’re off to a good start and that your new awesome help desk solution is running smooth and efficient.


Connect your 3rd party tools

Wouldn’t it be smart to have your CRM information in Zendesk? Or maybe your stock holdings?

We can make that happen.

This means your agents will be able to see any information and make actions, from any system directly from the inside of a ticket in Zendesk.

*The only requirement is, that the 3rd party tool has an open API.


Zendesk Integrations

Zendesk has a Marketplace with over 500+ app and integrations, that you can integrate into your Zendesk solution.

Integrations like Instagram, HubSpot or Pipedrive makes sure that you can create efficient workflows for your agents.

We can help you with getting an overview of all the integrations and which ones that would suit your customer support department the best.


Let us Guide you

We can help you with setting up Zendesk Guide in the most efficient way.

When done right, this is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to get a high degree of ticket-deflections.

Gaining trust from your customer is also important, which is why we always recommend getting your help center customized, so it matches the design of your website and brand colors.


Customer Satisfaction

Measuring your performance in customer service is maybe one of the most important things.

Studies show that 80% of businesses believe they have good customer service, while only 8% of the customers agree.

By measuring your Customer Satisfaction score (also called CSAT), you always know whether your company shines among your customers, or if you should invest more in your customer service.


Any workflow

We’ve made so many solutions in Zendesk, that we can almost make any workflow happen.

If you have a wish for a specific workflow, just shoot us an e-mail and we’ll figure out if it’s possible.

We’re experts in making time-saving workflows, so we can definitely do something for you.

SLA Agreement

You should focus on whatever you do best. Let us take care of your Zendesk solution with a Service Level Agreement (SLA).


You decide the hours

With a Service Level Agreement, you decide how many hours we should work for you depending on your needs.

You also decide whether the work should be made on a high or normal priority


Pick our brains

With a SLA, you are always welcome to pick our brains on anything Zendesk related.

Need someone to spare with? Just give us a call.


Saves your resources

By getting a Service Level Agreement for Zendesk, you, or someone from your team, doesn’t have to spend time on gaining knowledge about all the different kind of things Zendesk are able to.

You can just pass on the task to us and be sure, that it will be done.

Consider us as your extra arm, when it comes to Zendesk.