Integrate Google Drive into Zendesk 

With the Google Drive integration, you’re able to attach and upload files directly in a Zendesk ticket through your Google Drive account. 

The integration helps your customer support agents to have a more efficient workflow because they don’t need to leave Zendesk Support.  

Just install the integration from the Zendesk Marketplace. Subsequently, you should authorize the relevant Google account and you’re ready to go! Super easy! 


Save time with Google Drive for Zendesk 

With the Google Drive integration for Zendesk, your Customer Support Agents can use Google Drive without leaving Zendesk Support. 

This means that they don’t need to have the file(s) downloaded on their own computer to be able to attach it in a ticket. It’s a very easy and fast way to connect to Google Drive directly from Zendesk Support. 


Attach Files from Google Drive

The Google Drive integration makes it possible for you to attach files in Zendesk Support directly from your Google Drive account. Just by a click on the Google Drive icon under the text box, you’re able to connect to your Google Drive account and search for relevant documents to attach. 


Upload files to Google Drive

Instead of having to download files to your own computer, and afterwards upload them to your Google Drive account, this Google Drive integration makes it super easy for you. 

With the app installed in your Zendesk Support, it’s possible for you to upload documents directly to your Google Drive account without leaving Zendesk Support. Moreover, you’re able to get a fast overview of the files attached throughout the ticket, as all files are gathered in the sidebar to the right. This means that you’re able to upload the relevant files from a ticket to your Google Drive account, without having to look for attachments through the whole conversation. Try for free


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