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About SPORT 24

The large retail chain was formed in January 2012 by a collective of 38 sports stores and outlets. Today, the number of physical locations has passed 100 all over Denmark, including Greenland and the Faroe Islands – as well as four on Iceland. And there are more in the pipeline. 

SPORT 24 also sells its wide range of products via its successful online store, which has just been launched in Norway and might soon expand to countries in the EU. 

The products include various sportswear, sports equipment, outdoor clothing, shoes, and gear, as well as other clothing items and accessories. 


"To us, it is obvious that Customer Experience is extremely important. Customers do not only buy products. They wish – and expect – that great service is also part of the deal. And at SPORT 24 it is."

- Malene Wrængmose, customer service team leader at SPORT 24



Make it easier for agents to help customers

The customer service team at SPORT 24 had been using Zendesk for a few years before reaching out to helphouse.io. They knew the system could optimise the workflow even more to the benefit of both customers and employees and wanted to pursue these options to elevate both the customer experience and customer satisfaction. 

Wishing to scale the online store to include new markets in the near future, a thorough review of the entire customer service set-up was essential. And it proved an eye-opening experience too.

SPORT 24 chose helphouse.io because they wanted an external perspective on their set-up and the pains they were experiencing. 


"I had a feeling that we could work a lot smarter and make things much easier on ourselves. We reached out to helphouse.io as we expected them to provide us with the best possible toolbox. Tools to make workflows smoother and more efficient with the objective to make both customers and our employees even happier than they were already."

Malene Wrængmose, customer service team leader at SPORT 24


Turning great input into valuable output

We kicked off the collaboration with a meeting at which we gathered input from SPORT 24 customer service team about their current Zendesk set-up and usage. We also heard what they felt was missing, what could be improved, and what they could do without. 

After analysing all these inputs and as well as their Zendesk instance and customer service performance metrics, we wrote a detailed report outlining various solutions to the pains and wishes they had expressed. 

The report also contained suggestions for SPORT 24 to fully utilise their Zendesk instance. These suggested improvements are backed by estimates of how much time and costs can be saved by implementing the various solutions. In other words, a complete overview, making it easier to move forward and prioritise correctly. 

"It was a great pleasure to work with SPORT 24 and their highly engaged and motivated customer service team. We share the same approach to customer experience, which makes dialogue easy. Malene and her team already performed well but wanted to set the bar higher and achieve even more. Being able to point ambitious clients in the right direction is very rewarding." 

Jonas Poulsen, account executive at helphouse.io 



Introducing ‘SportBot 24’

Integrated into their Zendesk solution, SPORT 24 has been using Solvemate to enhance their chat experience, both for their customers and their employees. Solvemate is a valued partner of ours, and their contribution to this project involves enabling SPORT 24 to further automate their customer service.

SPORT 24 uses Solvemate’s chatbot as a first line of defense to channel their incoming customer requests. Their chatbot SportBot 24 offers a solution in just 19 seconds, but if a human touch is needed, the conversation can be handed over to an agent in Zendesk via live chat or email. 

As the bot has already collected details about the inquiry, the agents are able to provide a solution faster. Implementing the chatbot has also helped SPORT 24 to keep their live chat open even during times of high demand and cut their average response time by 50% overall. 

The insights from SportBot 24 also help them to continuously improve their service offer tailored to their customers’ needs.


More automation, more triggers, more structure

Zendesk is a great tool for handling incoming tickets, but the system can help earlier in the process. At SPORT 24, they were receiving most of their tickets via a very simple contact form on their website or via email. When you reach a certain ticket volume, the ticket inbox will quickly become chaotic. 

A more advanced contact form for customer service enquiries allows for various triggers as well as specific routing and priority options. Triggers could be keywords used in the text, or a topic chosen in a drop-down menu. Ticket routing can ensure that specific tickets are assigned to the correct agent. Finally, priority options can be set to reflect the company's service level agreement – if customers are promised a response within 48 hours, Zendesk can prioritise tickets that are near that deadline and remind agents to respond soon. 

This way, agents obtain a better overview of their inbox, and which tickets to solve in what order. 

Additionally, automated replies keep the customers informed about the process, and progress. They can also be used to suggest sources where the customers might be able to find the answer themselves in a customised helpdesk set-up. Agents can even get a shortcut that quickly and easily turns solved tickets into helpdesk articles for future use if other customers or agents face similar issues. 

With the Solvemate bot and a more advanced contact form, SPORT 24’s customer service has some great tools at hand to provide an excellent customer experience. To utilise these tools fully, customers should be guided towards using the designated contact points instead of just sending an email for instance.


"A really impressive report with valuable eye-openers"

The report presents a number of solutions to current pains and future concerns in relation to scaling. It is now up to SPORT 24 to choose the direction going forward. At helphouse.io, we are obviously ready to assist further with implementation and guidance if necessary.


"The report was really impressive and detailed. It definitely shows the extensive expertise that helphouse.io has to offer, and it also held some valuable eye-openers. We appreciate how we were met by people who listened to us and our needs. I will gladly recommend helphouse.io to other customer service teams who want to optimise."

Malene Wrængmose, customer service team leader at SPORT 24

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