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DKK 537m (2020)

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700+ during peak season

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Retail, e-commerce, B2B

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13 centres and counting

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About Plantorama

Based in Denmark, Plantorama is a family-owned chain of stores founded in 1987.
Since then, the company has grown on all fronts: Number of stores, store size, selection, employees, and turnover. Today, Plantorama is the country's largest chain of garden and pet centres.
From its so far 13 locations across Jutland, Zealand, and Funen, Plantorama sells indoor and outdoor plants, soil and fertiliser, hand tools and ceramics, home decor accessories, pet items, and much more.
In 2019, Plantorama launched its online store with order pick-up at the nearest centre. In 2020, home delivery also became an option. This happened sooner than initially planned due to the raging COVID-19 pandemic and the consequential lockdowns.

We managed to launch home delivery in record time, and, as a part of a new omnichannel strategy, we have executed a digital transformation, which has been received very well. We have many loyal online customers.

- Peter Vang Christensen, CEO, Plantorama



Lacking structure and data overview

The digital transformation and the new online business sparked a need for servicing customers accustomed to seeking advice from employees face to face at the local Plantorama centre. Plantorama wanted to offer its customers the same excellent service and assistance when shopping online. 
The customers quickly embraced the digital opportunities. Increasing online sales led to more customer service queries needing to be handled and a large amount of customer data into which Plantorama wanted better insight.

To obtain that, it required:

  • Better structure in customer service processes
  • More efficient query handling
  • Better data tracking

Plantorama was ready for a digital transformation, and through several workshops, we learnt what wishes and needs the new solution should be able to meet. In addition, we introduced the employees to the set-up and trained them, so everyone felt safe using it. It was a great experience to work with a company that had such a go-ahead approach and willingness to change.

- Mohammad Beck, Solution Consultant hos

Analysis and process

From the initial kick-off to well underway

We commenced the project with a kick-off meeting from which we gained insight into Plantorama's existing set-up while uncovering which wishes and needs a new solution had to meet. 
Next, we analysed the many inputs from the meeting and worked out a custom solution consisting of Zendesk Support and Zendesk Chat.
Through three workshops, agents and administrators received a thorough introduction to and training in the many functions and possibilities available in Zendesk.
Today, Zendesk is an integral part of Plantorama's customer service and has helped optimise the processes in the department.

It was crucial to us that we could set this in motion swiftly. Like many other businesses, we were shut down due to COVID-19. After the reopening of society, things had to move really fast. Luckily, we succeeded, and we were able to launch quickly and with short notice."
- Birgitte Secher, head of customer service, Plantorama.



Zendesk Support and Zendesk Chat

With Zendesk Support, Plantorama has obtained a clear overview of all the inquiries sent in by customers via various channels, consistent with the company's new omnichannel strategy. Because some processes now can be automated, the customers receive answers faster.
Zendesk Chat makes it easy for the customers to get in touch with Plantorama when they need answers to questions about everything from the ideal time of year for pampas grass transplanting to the best food choice for a pet snake. Or just need an order update.
Besides improving the customer experience, the solution has also made a difference in the customer service department, where the six agents are now able to solve more tasks in the same amount of time.


"It has been a great success"

Plantorama came to for assistance with implementing Zendesk in its customer service because employees could be involved in the process and decision-making and thus help to ensure that the solution met the company's specific requirements. 

Shaping New Tomorrow shortened their resolution time


25 % more tasks handled by the same amount of employees

Shaping New Tomorrow improved their CSAT


Better insight leading to overall lower response time.

Shaping New Tomorrow reduced their number of agents


Releasing internal resources for other tasks became possible.

Shaping New Tomorrow reduced first reply time from 10 hours to 2.2 hours


Optimized data-based demand-scaling of services.

With the help of, our workday is much more organised – with structured processes and overview of our data. Now, we can better forecast our different seasons. And the team handles approximately 25% more tasks using the same resources. It has been a great success.

- Birgitte Secher, head of customer service, Plantorama



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