5 Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Needs a Customer Service Software


It should almost be given, that if you have a company with a lot of support requests, you should invest in some kind of help desk or customer service software. If you’re one of those people who still swear to reply to customers from good old Outlook, you’re probably missing a big opportunity.

Research by Tech News World shows that 74% of companies notices improve of customer service after implementing a help desk.


One of the best ways to provide brilliant customer service is using customer service software that can be integrated with a CRM system. But how does your e-commerce benefits from it?

We have collected 5 reasons for using customer service software.

  1. Keep Track of Your Customer Service Efforts
  2. Become More Efficient
  3. The Exceptional Approach to Your Customers
  4. Useful Features
  5. Clear Overview


1. Keep Track of Your Customer Service Efforts In a Better Way

Don’t let any of your customers request to ‘get lost’ or ‘forgotten’ just because of a lack of organization. If you want your e-commerce to improve, It’s time to put aside the ‘old-fashioned’ way of managing your customer service in a spreadsheet and a messy inbox.

With a customer service software, it is possible to automate, measure and report on all customer service efforts of your company. All of the customers inquiries and issues will automatically be kept in order by having an assigned number, history and relevant notes.

You get a clear overview of everything that is happening and your customers get a proper customer service. I think we can call this a win-win.

2. Become More Efficient

The biggest advantage of customer service software is the automation of processes. The core idea is to save your time and to improve the quality of your customer support.

One of the useful automation features is autoresponse. We know it is impossible to solve each issue right ahead but it is not about that. If a customer creates a support inquiry they expect you to acknowledge them by sending a confirmation that you have received their request. A good practice is to include a link to the help center, so the customer might find the answer to their inquiry before you even get the chance to have a look at it.

On the other hand, we all know that most of the issues can be very similar and writing the same email can be frustrating. Most customer service software includes a macro system where you can create pre-written email templates and provide a quick and relevant answer with just a few clicks. Thereby you can be sure all e-mails are written properly, in the right tone and that include crucial information.

3. The Exceptional Approach to Your Customers

Research shows that the real reason for 68% of your customers leaving your brand is that they believe you don’t care about them. Therefore you need to prove, that you actually do. You do that by providing your customers with a seamless and hassle-free customer experience.

Research also shows that 69% of your customers hate being kept on-hold, though we all know that it’s hard to avoid. When the customer calls you, you have to use time on finding all the relevant information about the customer and maybe even make research about the question from the customer; it can take some time. But if you choose the right software for your support team, you can make sure that the customer is routed to exactly the right agent and that all the relevant information is showed in just one interface.

Another important aspect of this is the personal approach. The idea of having a software for your customer service is also to gather data about your customers and keep track of their history. If you have the data and understand how to use it, you can have a more personal approach to your customers.

4. Useful Features

Providing 24/7 live customer support is a relevant thing to provide, but it’s very expensive and quite impossible for most companies. With customer service software your e-commerce business can compensate it by creating an expanded version of the old FAQ; a customer center where your customers can have an overview of their history or search a knowledge base - also called a help center.

Another benefit of the software is the possibility to collect data and create reports. It allows you to understand customers better and to improve your e-commerce customer service based on real data. These reports are also an essential part of other departments in your e-commerce. For instance, if you are aware of a certain frustrations that your customers have and you have the solution to it, you can use that as a USP (Unique Selling Point) in your marketing.

5. Clear Overview

Running a business is not easy, especially when it starts to expand. It can be difficult to keep a clear overview and not lose sight of what is important and what isn’t. One of the thing that is very important though, is customer service. If your customer service is not run in the right way, it might be the reason for your company's breakdown.

That is why you should start using a customer service software like Zendesk, to keep order in your inquiries. The help desk provides you with a detailed overview, statistics, and insights on your performance. It is some powerful tools to get your customer service on point.

Furthermore, you can create your own automatically prioritized list of inquiries, so you make sure to handle the most important issues first.


Using a help desk makes you able to follow up on the trend of providing omnichannel support in your e-commerce. Everything is done to meet your and your customers demands. it helps you to transform leads into sales, but also to build good relations with your customers. You just decide your goals and the customer service software helps you reach them!