AI is revolutionizing the workflow for agents in Zendesk

Zendesk unveiled their latest AI features in early October. There is a revolution in the world of CX, promising significant advancements in self-service and providing agents with the best tools to work more efficiently and deliver better service. Bots and AI are not meant to replace agents but rather to be supportive elements, enabling individual agents to work more effectively.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the latest AI features in Zendesk that are set to enhance efficiency for agents.

Generative bots will be capable of answering almost any question

We've already witnessed how chatbots like ChatGPT have revolutionized information search and can serve as helpful assistants for many tasks. A similar feature is now possible in Zendesk, where generative bots will be able to handle nearly all questions with responses based on previous tickets.

Set the right tone with bot personas

Agents write differently and express themselves in various ways. Diversity can prevent a consistent customer experience. Therefore, Zendesk now allows you to set the tone for responses generated by bots, making it possible to create even more uniform answers. You can decide whether the tone should be laid-back or formal, ensuring that it aligns with your brand.

Improve your knowledge pages

With informative and up-to-date knowledge pages, it's possible to increase self-service to a greater extent, allowing customers to find quick answers to their inquiries. However, the challenge is to find the time to write or update your knowledge pages. Zendesk is now revolutionizing self-service by efficiently managing knowledge with the help of AI.

Zendesk's AI solution can identify frequently asked questions and provide the service team with content ideas, allowing them to convert their expertise into informative articles that can assist the users. Pretty cool, right?

Summarizing lengthy complex tickets

Some tickets can become long and complicated. Also, the overview doesn't improve when multiple agents are involved in a single ticket. Agents must carefully read through the entire history, which can be quite time-consuming. Zendesk can now summarize the entire ticket, saving agents from having to review the entire ticket-history. As a result, agents can work more efficiently and assist customers more quickly with their inquiries.

AI for voice eliminates manual work for agents after a call

All agents know that customer service doesn't end when the conversation with the customer ends, quite the opposite. There's always post-work, such as summarizing the conversation and sending essential follow-up materials. Zendesk now makes it possible to close tickets faster by automatically sending summaries and an audio recording of the conversation.

With these new AI features in Zendesk, you will witness a transformation in the way agents work. Zendesk continues to reshape the CX landscape, providing valuable support to agents so they can focus on what they do best: helping customers. If you have questions or would like to learn more about how Zendesk and AI can be tailored to your specific needs, don't hesitate to contact us. Together, we can create a standout customer service experience that meets all your customers' expectations.