Easy and secure handling of customer data

Handling customer data can be both challenging and time-consuming, but with gert.io we have made it much easier for Zendesk users.

gert.io is a bot. Once added to your Zendesk account, you can use it to define your spcefic criteria for which tickets that need anonymising, when and how often, all without coding. gert.io continuously works in the background, anonymising sensitive customer data - while allowing you full access to valuable statistics.

gert.io query list


What you get with gert.io

get tickets redacted automatically with gert.io

Automation 24/7 - 365

Once gert.io has been added to your Zendesk account, it works automatically 24/7, 365 days a year so you can spend your time on other, more worthwhile activities.

get tickets deleted automatically in Zendesk with gert.io

Adapted to suit your needs

With gert.io, you define what rules apply to your business or what legislation you are subject to, all without coding.

stay gdpr compliant in zendesk with gert.io

No loss of statistics or data

gert.io only anonymises data that can be traced back to a person - not data that you will be using to grow your business.

get tickets redacted automatically with gert.io

Coding-free set up

Setting up gert.io is super easy. Just define the rules you want to apply, with no coding required.

get tickets deleted automatically in Zendesk with gert.io

1 interface for all systems

No matter how many Zendesk systems you use, you only need one log-in to manage your gert.io.

stay gdpr compliant in zendesk with gert.io

Compatible across borders

GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PIPEDA, APEC CBPR ...No matter what legislation you’re working to, gert.io can help you.


gert.io in action

Just to show you exactly how simple, user-friendly and easy gert.io is, we have made this short demo video.
If you want to know more about gert.io, just reach out. We would love to show you all the amazing things he can do for you, your data and your compliance. 

Setting up is quick & easy

To use gert.io in Zendesk, you have to create a user and integrate it into Zendesk Support.

  • Create a user or log in as an existing user
  • Click on + in the lower right-hand corner to add your Zendesk
  • ‘Authorize’ your Zendesk in the dialogue box
  • Click on ‘Connect’ and you are good to go!

Use gert.io’s intuitive interface to define your desired set of rules - all without coding. gert.io will then fully automatically and in the backgound of your system work from the rules set up until you stop him or change the rules.

Get started

gert.io configuration settings


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