Reach your visitors, instantly

Let’s give an example of the power of Zendesk Chat.

Lisa has decided that now is the time for some shopping. She goes to an webshop that sells dresses online. Before purchasing, she has a few questions about the size.

But the webshop doesn’t have chat implemented. And she certainly doesn’t want to write an e-mail with the risk of waiting days before getting an answer.

The result?

Lisa buys her dress at their competitor and they lose a sale. Sad for them.



Reach them, before they reach you

With Zendesk Chat you can proactively reach your visitors when they are in the phase of making a decision.

You can even personalize the message, so it fits the page or product they are visiting.

We think that’s pretty smart.


3x more likely to buy

According to Forrester, your visitors are 3 times more likely to go through with a purchase, when you reach them via Chat.

That fact alone should make the decision for you.

Responsive on all devices, obviously

We know.. We know..

It wouldn’t be a modern solution if the chat wasn’t made to reach your customers at any device they are visiting your site from.

So don’t worry. The Zendesk Chat widget works seamlessly across all devices.


Less time wasted

Say goodbye to the old way, where your agents only handle one emails at a time.

With Zendesk Chat your experienced agents can easily handle 4 - 6 chats.

That’s what we call efficient customer service.



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