Unassign all your tickets and Logout of Zendesk with one click_made by helphouse.io

One button that unassigns all your tickets at once

It can be really time-consuming to unassign all your tickets as you'll need to do it one by one.

Let’s say you have 20 tickets that you'll need to unassign at the end of the day, that’s four clicks per. ticket. So you’ll have to click 80 times before being able to log out and go home.

With our ULA app, it’ll take you only three clicks to unassign all tickets and log out.




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ULA - Unassign and Logout App made by helphouse.io



Unassign and Logout app for Zendesk support made by helphouse.io - makes it easier for agents to unassign

Let’s set the scene... 

You’re at work - everything is going smoothly - but then you receive an email from a dissatisfied customer who complains about how long he’s been waiting for an answer on his ticket. 

You find out that the agent he’s talked to went home and forgot to unassign all their tickets, and didn’t have a shift for another 3 days.

With our Unassign and Logout app, you can move all your tickets to the group, so another agent can take over when you are not at work.
This way, the customers won’t be left hanging, waiting for a response for an unreasonable amount of time.



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