Unassign all your tickets with one click

If an agent has 20 unanswered tickets at the end of working hours, they must all be marked as unassigned. Unassigning a ticket requires four clicks. That’s a total of 80 clicks before being able to log out!

Unless the Unassign & Logout app is installed. Then all tickets can be marked as unassigned with just one click and moved to the group.

This saves the agent time, ensures that no customer inquiries hang in the system for an inappropriately long time, and makes it easy to have unanswered tickets distributed to available agents.


unassign and logout

Key features

  • One button to mark all unanswered tickets as unassigned.
  • Easily transfers unassigned tickets to the group.
  • User friendly.

Few clicks save time


Easy installation, secure integration


Better cooperation between agents


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