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The Ticket Mentions integration for Zendesk Support enables you to get notified whenever you’re mentioned or CC’ed in a ticket. Never miss a ticket again with this integration for Zendesk Support.

The Ticket Mentions integration for Zendesk is made by We’re Zendesk Premier Solution Provider and have helped with through Zendesk.


Make sure you don’t miss a thing

With the Ticket Mentions integration for Zendesk you’ll be notified in the top right corner, whenever you’re mentioned or CC’ed in a ticket.

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Better overview

With this integration for Zendesk, you’ll get a clear overview of all the tickets you’ve been CC’ed or mentioned in, directly within Zendesk Support.

You can also see the status of the tickets you’re mentioned or CC’ed in.



This is how Ticket Mentions for Zendesk helps Reveal Group Pty Ltd

“Our workflow is more simplified, there is no need to manually edit CC's, we are confident that people are being notified. The mentions summary also provides a quick reference point to check on tickets that may not be present in an individual agent's queue.

We find the @mentions syntax to provide a quicker and more natural ticket interaction. It also mimics UX in other tools we use regularly, such as Jira and Office 365.”

Mark Rothfield
Chief Technical Officer






You decide the settings

We know that not all tickets are relevant for you to get a notification on.

That’s why you can decide for yourself whether you want to be updated or not when the ticket has a certain status.

Simply go to settings and tick of the ones you don’t want to get notified about.




Easy installation

Installing the Ticket Mentions integration into Zendesk is a piece of cake.

You just go to Zendesk Marketplace and install it from there.





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