Timesaving customer service with Shopify integration for Zendesk

You know the trouble. Your webshop is burning.

Orders keep coming in, but your agents are wasting too much time handling the inquiries from your customers because they need to move between Shopify and Zendesk.

But this is needless. Use our Shopify integration for Zendesk and handle it all from the Zendesk interface.

If you dare, then give it a go. The first 14 days are on us.  

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No need of moving between interfaces

With the Shopify app for Zendesk Support, your agents can both view and edit activities in Shopify. For instance, they can:

- View customer information

- Cancel, re-stock or refund orders

- See if an order has been shipped yet

All of this can be done directly from a ticket in Zendesk and without leaving Zendesk, meaning your agents will save time and clicks.




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View all your discount codes

If your customers have any questions about different discount codes your agents can easily access all the information about each discounts from Shopify with just a few clicks in Zendesk Support.


Integrating Shopify with Zendesk Support is fast and easy

All you need to do is go to Zendesk Marketplace, install the integration and connect your Shopify account.

After this the Shopify integration will automatically gives you information about the customer when you go into a new ticket in Zendesk Support.


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Ticket Mentions

Never miss a ticket again. With Ticket Mentions, you’ll get notified every time you’re tagged in a ticket.


Required Fields

With the Required Fields you can set fields obligatory when an agent updates a ticket.




View and create contacts, company, deals, and engagements in HubSpot directly from your Zendesk interface.

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