Automatic ticket creation


Secure integration, easy installation


Centralize customer data

Manage your Puzzel calls in Zendesk Support

With the app, you easily integrate your Zendesk Support solution and your Puzzel phone system.

It allows you to manage important data from incoming as well as outgoing support calls in Zendesk Support.

This gives your customers a high quality service experience across channels and makes the everyday work life of your employees smoother.



Key features

  • Automatic ticket creation ensures that important data from both in- and outbound calls are automatically stored in Zendesk Support
  • Fits your need whether you use landline, softphone or mobile phone.
  • Status selector dropdown.
  • Easy outbound call by typing or clicking a number saves time
  • Automatically put the caller on hold when consulting another agent.
  • Transfer calls to queues. This enables you to minimize call wait times and to assign calls to more qualified agents.
  • Various overview possibilities: queue, team or individual
  • Automatic wrap-up timer



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