Integrate your Instagram into Zendesk

We’ve made it easy to integrate your Instagram account into Zendesk, so you’ll be able to see and reply to all comments on your Instagram posts from a ticket in Zendesk.

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Go chase that omnichannel experience

Everyone is talking about it - Omnichannel. Your customers demand it, and your buttom line depends on it.

We don’t say you get it by just installing the Instagram integration for Zendesk, but you’re certainly on the way to giving your customers a more omnichannel experience.



Our customers love the integration

“The challenge was that you had to leave Zendesk and pull out your phone, in order to reply to a comment on an Instagram post. We wish to centralize our customer service and social media as much as possible, and the integration has helped us with this”

Sebastian Juul Jensen
Customer Relations Manager




Save time for important stuff

You know the struggle. You get a lot of comments on your pictures on Instagram, things are rolling, your engagement is so high. Everything is good. 😎

Just one problem. You spend a lot of time tabbing around between Instagram and Zendesk, because you need to read the comments and reply to all your fans.

Stop doing that and start using our Instagram integration for Zendesk.




Integrating Instagram with Zendesk is easy

It's quite easy to get started with our Instagram integration for Zendesk.

Just go to Zendesk Marketplace, install the integration and connect your Facebook for Business account. After that it will start collecting all of your Instagram posts as tickets in Zendesk.

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Required Fields

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See and create activities in Shopfiy, like customer information, or make changes in an order directly from Zendesk.

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