Be more efficient with HubSpot integration for Zendesk

Make sure your agents have an efficient workflow with the HubSpot integration for Zendesk. With this, they can view and create data to HubSpot directly inside a ticket in Zendesk Support.

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No need to pass on simple tasks

With the HubSpot integration for Zendesk, your customer support agents can access HubSpot data from Zendesk, without having a HubSpot account.

Meaning, your agents won’t have to get in touch with sales everytime they have a ticket that requires them to create events.

The support agent simply handle the customer's issue and create events to HubSpot, so your sales team will get noticed.




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Handle it all from one interface

With the HubSpot integration for Zendesk, your agents will be able to solve tickets that are relevant to HubSpot without leaving Zendesk.

They will have all the relevant data shown to them right inside the ticket in Zendesk.

That way they don’t have to leave Zendesk or ask a coworker for information that's hidden in HubSpot.

Restricted use

We know that all information from HubSpot might not be relevant to your customer support agents.

That’s why we’ve made it easy to control how much information they see, so we keep the data that's visible relevant to your support agents.


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Ticket Mentions

Never miss a ticket again. With Ticket Mentions, you’ll get notified every time you’re tagged in a ticket.



Required Fields

With the Required Fields you can set fields obligatory when an agent updates a ticket.





Watch and create activities like refunds in Shopify, directly from a ticket  inside of Zendesk.

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