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The Eniro integration for Zendesk enables your customer support agents to make a lookup in the database of eniro.se, gulesider.no, and krak.dk.

Everything inside the Zendesk interface.

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Tie organization to an end-user

The Eniro app works seamlessly with your Zendesk Support and shows all the crucial information on the right side of a ticket.

This enables you to quickly tie an organization to an end-user in Zendesk, with important information such as phone number, address and more.




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Automatic search function - of course

The search function in the Eniro integration for Zendesk works automatically, based on the information on the ticket requester.

It searches from the end-users phone number or e-mail domain.

If there is no information tied to the end-user, you can easily make a manual look-up.

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We’ve made sure that setting up the app is easy.

You can set it up in minutes by installing the app from Zendesk Marketplace. When the app is installed, it will show on the right side of a ticket.



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The Eniro integration for Zendesk is made by helphouse.io.

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