E-conomic for Zendesk

With the E-conomic integration for Zendesk, your agents will be able to see several data from E-conomic, e.g. overviews of invoices and the status of the invoices, directly in Zendesk Support.

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Improves your workflow

In order to solve an inquiry from a customer, you’re probably going through these steps right now:

  1. Leaving Zendesk
  2. Going to E-conomic
  3. Login into E-conomic
  4. Searching for the customer
  5. Finding the invoice
  6. Looking for details
  7. Going back to Zendesk to reply to the customer

With our E-conomic integration for Zendesk you only have to do this:

  1. Look in the sidebar of the ticket
  2. Reply to the customer



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Automatic search function

The E-conomic integration for Zendesk automatically uses information from the end-user in Zendesk to search for the customer in E-conomic.

If your end-user doesn’t have any information, you can use the very easy manual search function.


No need for more paying users

With the E-conomic integration for Zendesk, you can give access to users that don’t have a license to E-conomic.

That way, you don’t have to add them as paying users in E-conomic.

Not only does it optimize your workflow, but also saves you money - what’s not to like?



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The first 14 days are on us.

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The E-conomic integration for Zendesk is made by helphouse.io.
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