Use cases

There are so many ways to use zendesk, and so many advantages - here are a few of them


Your clients expect that your support agents know who they are and their business with you. Zendesk can provide your agents with that holistic overview. Zendesk it self can keep track of all your direct interactions with your clients, but also interact and show you information from you invoicing system or your webshop.

Zendesk makes it easier for your agents to help you customers fast and efficiently.


Delivering excellent on-time customerservice to your customers is key to creating good long lasting relationships.

Relationships are tricky and having a great, flexible support system like Zendesk only helps in creating and maintaining those relationships. Zendesk is best-of-breed right out of the box, but with the power to adapt to your company through Apps and integrations. Zendesk is also able to scale with your business, so when you grow, Zendesk follows.


It doesn't matter whether you are serving your company's external customers or your internal - Relationships matter!

Internal departments that touch on a large number of your staff can benefit from Zendesk. Zendesk can handle tickets for an HR department or an IT department just as easy as handling tickets from external customers.

Zendesk uses advanced security to make sure that sensitive material stays safe. Through the use of Single Sign On and custom user roles we can make sure that your agents or HR staff only sees the tickets they are supposed to.


Customers expects to be recognized across any channel they choose to contact you on.

Joe sends you an email at home regarding an item in your store, on the way there he post a question on your facebook page and in the store he takes a look at your helpcenter for your return policy before starting a chat with one of your agents.

Zendesk makes this an effortless experience for Joe and he walks out of your store a happy customer.


In Zendesk, no matter which agent, Joe's requests hit, they can see Joe's full engagement with your support. They can see all his previous as well as current requests on all channels, as well as his previous purchases in your online store.

All information is available at the tips of their fingers through Zendesk Agent friendly interface. Your agents are able to provide Joe with the exact amount of customer service he needs, because they know Joe.

If Joe's tickets need to be escalated or otherwise approved, it is easy for your agents to do so with a few keystrokes, to get that request approved by a manager. Being able to provide fast, accurate responses to their customers, makes your agents happy!


At the end of the day a manager needs to be able to look back on a day with happy customers and happy agents. But they also need more insights into what have the customers contacted you about. Who is contacting you, why and when. All these and numerous other KPI's are of key value to the manager and in the end his superiors.

In Zendesk you have powerfull reporting capabilities, so you know exactly what is going on with your customers and agents. With thirdparty integrations you can even create wallboards to illustrate your current workload and customer satisfaction.

Managing your agents is also easy in Zendesk. Divide your agents into groups and easily assign agents to groups with higher workloads to bring down the queue and keep your customers happy. With the click of your mouse  you can add more agents to your Zendesk Chat or to Zendesk Talk.